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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (200210)

Hello it's Kim Lip and it's my birthday today! It's been a while, Orbits, since I communicated directly like this.. I missed you so much in the meantime,, Finally we had a comeback after a year and we get to show off good things for Orbits so I'm so happy and excited🥺 Each birthday I've gotten encouragement and well wishes from many people, and likewise this year I'm so happy thanks to so many of you who wished me happy birthday from early on. I spent a lot of time thinking during the hiatus. I think that time led to more growth for me. I believe that time didn't just pass me by vaguely, without meaning; that because I went through that long period, I became someone who can cherish even the really trivial things. At least for me, and for all of us members. And so for me, I think this promotion is going to be really meaningful. Orbits, you'll be with us through that right? Among those many thoughts I had, I remembered from one of the fansigns during the last promo, there was one fan who had such an exhausted expression, for reasons that I could not know Thinking of that person, I thought of how Orbits too surely have personal hardships, and yet still you always root for us and come to see us, and I wanted my Orbits to take a rest when you're tired, too. When things are hard, let's take a rest, together I know I'm no good at comforting and I can't resolve your problems but in my own way, I will comfort Orbits Everyone who wished Kim Lip a happy birthday thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you will be healthy this coming year too! I love you ❤️



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