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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (200523)

Orbits it's been a while hasn't it, I've missed you so much 🥺

Are you doing well?? I've been well. It's already May and my third debut anniversary! A lot of time has passed, and as time passes, my gratitude and longing and love for my Orbits only seem to grow deeper. I wonder if Orbits are the same way 😌

Because I really think of Orbits a lot ㅇㅅㅇ I worry about you a lot and I miss you... There are so many things I want to tell you as they come up... It's a good thing I can tell you like this at least. Orbits who congratulated me for my three years, thank you so much. And I'm grateful to Orbits who have been with me for those three years. If the three years we've been together have been happy for you, I would be so thankful for that. I'll work harder from now on. I'll have you smile even more. For 30 years, 300 years, I want to see you for a long time. These days I've been crying from being moved by Orbits' letters, and copying them into my diary so I can be reminded every time I see it. You wrote such pretty words that I wonder if you write for a living... as I see you say such great things. Orbits are the best...❤️

To those of you who sometimes write things like "I'm talking about myself too much" in the letters, I want to know how fans are doing, what Orbits are thinking, all of it, through the letters at least. And a lot of you also write things like "This letter is from too long ago, I'm sorry" and what are you sorry for?!!!!! How amazing is it to care for someone so much that you take time to write a letter!!!!

And others are like, "I'm rewriting this because I'm embarrassed" or "I couldn't decide and haven't sent it yet" but I love those kinds of letters too. Just like how Orbits wonder what I'm doing and what I'm thinking, I am also so curious to know what Orbits are doing and what you are thinking... please don't be embarrassed from now on.

Writing down loving feelings for someone is nothing to be ashamed of, after all. And everyone, don't be sick.

I'm not sick either so let's be people who are sound in mind and body!!

Love you Orbits, there will never be anyone I'm more thankful to and cherish more than Orbits. You're my everything. Thank you so much.

All the orbits around the world who love me, support me, I miss you guys too, thank you so much. I love you ❤️



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