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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (210210)

Hello Orbits, it's already the 23rd birthday for me Lippie, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fans who wished me happy birthday this year as always:)

Are you well? I've been well

Orbits it's been a long time since we've met I miss you so much,, Last birthday I vividly remember getting tons of congratulations and love from fans because it happily coincided with a fansign! Thank you to everyone who made me unforgettable memories, it was such a joyful birthday, also thank you so much to everyone who wished me well this year too, I'm so grateful to Orbits who are always there in the same place for me, like Orbits I will also be right here the way I am right now, for you! I hope we can have a relaxed relationship where we won't burden each other, let's lean on each other as we walk together slowly:) For me, I'm so grateful just for the fact that you're reading this right now and being with me in my every moment, for spending your precious days by my side, for letting me call you Orbits, for being with me this very moment:)

For 23-year-old me today could have felt ordinary like just another day and not different from any other, but thank you so much for making me feel it so enormously as a special day, and because I spent it with special people, these times are not ordinary! Orbits are such precious beings to me and because Orbits exist, because there are people who cheer for and support me, I am who I am today. I'll be a Kim Lip who's always grateful to everyone and works hard! Love you Orbit ❤️ And I hope my people will be strong people, always sound in mind and body. And my beloved family, always thank you:)

Hi orbits! Have you been doing well?

Today is my birthday🌈 Thank you so much to Orbits who celebrated my birthday❤️ I really miss you guys and I hope everything will get better soon! Until then stay healthy everyone 🥰

Orbits, you guys are my birthday present.


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