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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (210523)

Hello it's Kim Lip. It's my fourth anniversary since solo debut. These days I am busy every day with comeback preparations, and I imagine that might be the most joyful news that Orbits could hear. I'm a bit anxious about coming out with a new song and new concept every time, but whenever I feel like that, I plan to remember I have reliable people on my side always and to prepare and come out with it boldly!

And another thing I'm always grateful for is that many people continue to love my solo album from 2017. To be honest I think a 3-minute song comprised of only my voice alone could get tiring, and feel charmless. But despite my worries you all enjoy it so it's such a relief!!

To be honest I still listen to my solo a lot, thinking back to myself back then. Listening to it now I sound full of inexperience all over, and I want to go back and do better, and think to myself that I could do so much better if I did. But I also think it's a precious memory of 19-year-old Kim Lip and a voice that I could only have made at that time, on that day, never to come again! So even though I have my disappointment about past things, I also cheer for my future self :)

Surely Orbits have this experience too? But I think that if you feel disappointed and upset about some outcome, it's because you want to do even better. So if you're someone like that, I think you are someone who has great potential and possibility to become an even more amazing person. So don't be too disappointed!!!

Things are difficult these days, aren't they. Even words of encouragement might be tiring, but together, let's find just a little more strength. I'll cheer for Orbits while standing on your side, truly ✨ And when you want to cry, don't hold it in, make sure to let the tears flow. I wish the person I like will not be hurting, but be happy instead.

Hi Orbits👀 Are you doing well?

I really miss you..

Today is the 4th anniversary of Lippie's debut

Thank you for still loving my solo album! I'm so touched🥺

I always think about Orbits and I always think how I want to show you guys my improved self in many ways.

Please stay healthy until the day we meet and look forward to our new album! Love you

(Texts in italics are originally written in English)


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Thanks for translating!

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