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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (220210)

Hello, this is Kim Lip. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday this year. This time around, I almost let it pass by in a rush while preparing for the concert, but thanks to so many people wishing me a happy birthday, I think I'll be able to enjoy a happy one. I’ve always felt sorry that I seem to only be on the receiving side, but this year, I wanted to give back, even though it's nothing much. So I’ve prepared a special gift for Orbits!

I’ve always wanted to do this for you if I got the chance, and I'm glad that I can finally post a song cover like this🙂

The reason I picked this song is, just like the lyrics say, I wish that I could be your every moment,, Is this too greedy of me..? ^_^❤️

Whenever I merely think of you, my heart swells in you, all over...!.!!.!!!!

That is the reason, you know? I wondered if I should cover a song celebrating my own birthday..

But it's my first cover, and wanting to do something that I wanted to do and one that Orbits wanted to hear, I ended up choosing this song.

It's lacking in many ways as I was preparing in a rush, but please look upon it kindly❤️ It's my heart to you!

Because of Orbits liking my voice, I’ve come to like it too. Before I debuted, I thought it was just a voice, ordinary and nothing special. But the fact that I’ve come to love myself and sing with confidence after debuting was all thanks to Orbits' warm compliments, kind words, and your love given unsparingly. Thank you for making me the way I am. Today is my birthday, and also the day before the concert.

Everyone, at last after three years, today is the day when we can perform in front of Orbits, cry and laugh together with Orbits, and express our feelings.

I feel like I've received a huge birthday gift.

I'm so glad and nervous and excited that this year, like every year, holds an unforgettable, special birthday.

I'll become the kind of Lippie who never disappoints Orbits.

See you tomorrow, Orbit❤️

And the day after tomorrow❤️



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