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[Fancafe] LOONA (190819)

LOONA is 1 Year Old


Hi Orbits! 😀Already it's the first anniversary for us, Loona. I think back to the daily routines of being so frazzled while preparing for Hi High keke I'm so thankful that the 12 of us being one is just a normal thing now! And also that we've gotten to one year without any incident! In these routines that have now become familiar, sometimes I look back on my day, and on myself, because I know familiarity sometimes makes you forget how to be grateful. I look at how that day went, whether I tried my best on that day's performance.. It's thanks to Orbits that I can think of these things! Because I know it's Orbits who will be most sad at some of the careless things I might do. Thank you!! For becoming such great meaning to me, that I couldn't live without. I'll pay it back, so that you won't regret the days you've been with us. Thank you for working so hard this past year!


Hellomeow~ I bet you will know right away who I ameow Happy first anniversary of Loona meow~!!!!!!!! It's all thanks to Orbits that we've gotten to reach our first anniversarymeow~ ❤️ I love you meow~ ❤️ We're going to work even harder and celebrate our 10th and 100th too meow~ ❤️ >_< ❤️ Everyone I love you ❤️


Hi Orbits! I think you know best who I am, Orbits. To hear it's already a year since we debuted, all kinds of feelings are crossing inside hehe. I think back to the first broadcast of Hi High when I was so nervous that I danced with stiff limbs hehe. Being able to grow like this for the past year is surely thanks to my Blockberry family and Orbits, yes? Please keep looking forward to Loona and loving us. Always thank you and I love you Orbits ❤️


Orbits!!! This is our first anniversary~ I think time is going so fast... I couldn't even believe it when the 12 of us came together for the first time... and now that it's the anniversary it's even harder to believe ㅠㅅㅠ I think I'm always living joyfully thanks to Orbits who are cheering for us so hard, so that we won't get tired~ ❤️ Thank you so much always~ Orbits ❤️ And as time passes I think we're becoming even closer~ with Orbits and also with the members ❤️ Please stay with us even after 10 years and 20 years~❤️Let's stay together until the end of this month~ ❤️ Orbits I love you 😍


Hello~ ❤️ This is Loona's Vivi who is just turning one! We made so many memories this past year~ My members, Orbits, BBC family, in our time together I learned so many things. The members' passion, Orbits' love, BBC family's care... all these things are making my life fuller one by one~ Thank you everyone ❤️ I feel like I don't express it well... but you all know how I feel right!? I love you~ Let's make even better memories together ❤️❤️❤️

Kim Lip

❤️ Happy first anniversary ❤️ A year's time has passed already. I waited for the full group debut so long and couldn't believe when it happened, and now all of this has become so precious and joyful yet familiar. In all of those moments Orbits were always with us!! I know this probably sounds tired because I say it all the time but. Thank you ❤️ For always welcoming us, comforting us, asking us how we're doing.. I know it's not an easy thing to put so much care into somebody, so I'm even more thankful ❤️ I'll be sure to become a 👄 who repays that attention ❤️


Hello Orbitdungs ❤️ One year already.. time goes so quickly doesn't it. I think we've made many precious memories in that time too.. I get emotional when I think of it hehe. Let's stay together even going forward, pinky promise. Iloveyou ❤️


Orbits ❤️ Members ❤️ Family ❤️ Hello! Orbits! It's Choerry~! It's already been a year since we've been together. Congratulations for Orbits and! My members who've been with me for a year, thank you so much. I think we were able to do everything in every moment because we became strength for each other ❤️ Thinking back to it now, I think I am suu~uuch a fortunate person ㅜㅅㅜ that I get to be together with this many people ❤️

(This was supposed to be anonymous ㅡㅡ I messed up...)


Hi Orbits ❤️ Today is such a special day ㅠㅠ Because today is one year since 12 girls of Loona have been together <3 We're turning one!!! Even though I'm used to practice time with 12 of us, on a day like this I feel reminiscent and my heart is warm ❤️ It's so dreamlike and joyful to think that this Sooyoung, who once auditioned with a trembling heart here in this place, got to meet these precious 12 girls.

It's like destiny how we were able to meet like this, despite being born in different places, with such different personalities. On this anniversary I'm so looking forward to what is in store for us girls going forward 😀 Thankful today for everything that strengthened us and influenced us, that helped us to come together, to dream the same dream, to grow up healthy and without problem ❤️


Oh My Lights [Or My Bit] Orbits! Thank you for always being with us. Loona! Thank you so so much for sticking together with laughter all this time, my people ❤️

It's already been a year.. time is so fast ㅠㅠ I think we've grown more than yesterday, and we've become stronger because we have each other _!

If we stay together like this we'll become even stronger right? That's why I'm looking forward to the future even more >_< You will stay with me right? Thank you and I love you, Loona and Orbits!

Go Won

Orbits! ❤️ We've reached our first anniversary! On both my solo and unit anniversaries I thought 'already'? and the full group anniversary has come so soon too. There were tough times, but there were so many more happy times and I think the time went by fast because of that. I'm happy that I've gotten to meet such great people ❤️ And happy thanks to Orbits who always think about us first and cheer for us ❤️

Olivia Hye

So because we weren't together as 12 for as long as some of the others, there were a lot of things we had to adapt for each other. I know how hard it is to give up some of your own style and work with other people, so I'm thankful to the members for putting in that effort. I love you so much Loona

❤️ Orbits too ❤️



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