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[Fancafe] LOONA (200819)


Orbits! It's Heejin ❤️

We Loona have already reached our second debut anniversary!

Time passes so quickly.. I also think, what did I even do for time to have passed this fast ㅋㅋ

Whenever this time of year comes around I feel relief like "Ah, we've arrived safely this year again",

and when I think of Orbits who have stuck with us until now, I'm so grateful.

After all, we can celebrate our anniversary together each year because we've all been running together and not by ourselves, right?

These days I often feel gratitude for each of these little moments.

And you're even more precious because there are always expressions that I can't say fully in words... My ever so beloved Orbits!

Thank you so much for celebrating Loona's second anniversary with us!!

It's an I laav you ❤️


To. Orbits

Hi~! Orbits it's Hyunjin >_<

Today is a really special and meaningful day!

Namely it's Loona's second anniversary~~~!!!

Maybe it's because I've been with Orbits but time seems to pass so quickly!!

Orbits are feeling that way too right?? ㅎㅎ

Every single day I miss you, and I want to talk with you and share emotions too~

We 12 Girls of the Month will stay with Orbits forever and always try hard to give good energy to Orbits 😉😌

Always thank you, and thank you again! Thank you so much that the words thank you are not enough!!! Love you 😍


Orbits~!! Hi it's me Yeojin!!

Everyone's doing well, right? The weather's gotten really hot lately so I'm worried about Orbits a lot, and because I'm worried I miss you even moreㅜ

The reason I'm writing this letter is! Because we Loona have reached our 2nd debut anniversary!!

Through those 2 years we've had lots of tough times, and lots of happy times and emotional times too,

and I think it's such a big blessing that I could share each of those moments with Orbits!

Thank you so much for always being with us, Loona.

I'll make sure to be a Yeojin who repays you even more!!

Please keep taking good care of me, Orbits, I love you ❤️


Happy happy birthday to Loona 🎂🎂🎂

Thank you for wishing us a happy second anniversary!

I think I've received much love and lived happily thanks to Orbits being by my side for these two years.

I'm so disappointed that I can't see you much these days, but I hope everyone will be healthy and happy.

The more time passes, the more more more our pretty members and Orbits feel precious to me.

So through this letter, I'll send love to the members and Orbits ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I always miss you and love youu 😙😙😙 See you soon 🌙🌙🌙


[Kim Lip]

It's Loona's second debut anniversary :)

We have lots of anniversaries and Orbits like that more, right?

I like it too because we get lots of days to give Orbits news!

Because ordinary days become special anniversaries just for us 🥰

One time recently I sank into many thoughts while watching the rain. While listening to the rain sounds I read a book, watched a movie, and took some time to think a bit more about myself.

Orbits, how have you been spending time?

Thinking time is good, but let's not think deeply for too long of a time!

I miss Orbits so much..🥺

We've put in lots of effort for 2 years but I think there are a lot of things we haven't been able to show you yet.

You want to see lots of diverse sides of me and Loona, right? Forget 2 years, let's be together for 20 years, 200 years!

Love you ❤️ Again a heartfelt thank you to the many people who celebrated with us ❤️


Hello Orbits, it's Jinsoul💙

You're doing well, right? It's already been two years' time since Loona debuted!

We've laughed a lot and cried a lot in that time and those memories have built up,

and I feel that that time has become even more valuable and precious thanks to Orbits being with us.

I'm so thankful and I hope we'll see each other for an even longer time to come 💙 Looking forward to even better times!

And my members! Honestly with each passing day you feel even more precious to me.

Fighting to us, so that we can climb steadily to the highest place! Love you 💙


Orbits!! Today is the second anniversary of Loona's debut!! Kya a a

Thank you so much for cherishing and loving us for two years!🎉🎊

When I think of Orbits when I'm tired and exhausted, I automatically get energized and I feel like I could fly around the practice room about 100 times!

It's raining a lot these days too, be careful not to catch a cold everyone ㅠㅠ

For me, lately I've been having more hobby time watching movies or dramas with the members in the dorm!

If I get the chance later I'll recommend you movies or dramas that I enjoyed~

Thank you so much for celebrating Loona's second anniversary, and I say this all the time but let me say it again today!

Orbits!! Always love you and miss you 💜😘


Hello Orbits! This is Yves 🍎

It's already been 2 years since we, LOONA, have debuted.

To be honest, I'm not one to place a huge meaning in numbers, but today feels a little different.

From the moment we debuted as a full group - The joyfulness, sadness, happiness and regrets and countless more emotions I can't describe that was shared together with Orbits have all one by one made me who I am now.

To our Orbits ✨, who allow us to feel various emotions like this, and making me feel grateful for every moment,

Thank you so so much 😭

I love all Orbits, no matter where you are or what you look like.

I will repay you with even better images in the future! Be together with me❤️



I can't believe it's already our 2nd anniversary. Every performance, promotion, fanmeeting, broadcasts during this time have all seem to flash before me.

I thought of this as a short time, but contrary to my thoughts I've shared many things with Orbits🌈

Although I don't know how many things will unfold or what will come up in the road of LOONA's future,

I want to look forward to the road LOONA will walk on in the future!

And I want to decorate the road we walk on with Orbits😌

Of course, a future that's just pretty would be nice too, but even if we're a bit clumsy, or have trials and errors, or lots of hard times,

I want to create a future that is enjoyable because we can always be together ❤️

Will you be with me and LOONA in the future too?😊

To me, Orbits are my pride and become my confidence.

Thank you! Next time I will bring better words than thanks.🙏

Thank you.

[Go Won]

Hello, hello! This is Go Won.

Orbits, what day is it?! It's LOONA's 2nd anniversary~~~🥳

It's already been 2 years since the ponytail Gowon who yelled "You can't get tired!"

The time together with Orbits is so nice that just thinking about it makes me feel like time flies by.

Orbits, out of all of the days we spent together, when was your favorite?!

For me, even just calling Orbits' name and laughing together makes me really happy🥰

I really, really miss you guys lots, our Orbits ❤️I'm always thankful and I love you❤️

[Olivia Hye]

Hello, Orbits! I'm Olivia Hye.

With our members and Orbits! We were able to celebrate our 2nd anniversary so I'm glad!

I want to show performances as soon as possible,

and want to meet Orbits through fansign meetings.

And our members, you have worked hard!

While we've been together for these 2 years, which you could call a long or short amount of time.

It's nice that it feels like we've been able to understand each other best.

Lately I've been thinking each and every one of you is precious.

I trust that we will have even better days in the future,

and let's work hard in the future like we do now.

Our members, and our Orbits, I'm always thankful for all of you!



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