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[Fancafe] LOONA (210819)

LOONA members' handwritten messages celebrating their 3rd anniversary!

No matter how things may be

So that our feelings for each other don't change

No matter how sad things may be

So that we don't forget that we're by each others' side

Just like how we've been for the past 3 years

From Heejin

From Hyunjin to Orbits ♥

Orbit!! Hello!! It’s baby aeongie Hyunjin 😺

Today is the third anniversary since LOONA as a full group and Orbits have been together ♥

Did you know?? Orbits who didn’t know will get Aeongie’s aeong-punch! Hehe

Each and every Orbit is pretty and cool so you wouldn’t not know, right?

Haha~♥ And the reason why my handwriting is shaky is because I was just practicing choreo before doing this, so my hands are shaky~ ㅇㅁㅇ!! You’ll understand, right?? ♥

I’ll try my best to show Orbits the coolest things from me ♥ I love you Orbit ♥

There may be really tough things and painful times ahead, but if I’m with Orbits I’ll be happy anywhere, anytime, so let’s stay together for a long long time ♥ Orbits are my family-sha ♥♥

I love you ♥♥♥ Orbit ♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU ♥

Orbit! Hello it’s Haseul :) ♥.♥

How could it already be 3 years!! since LOONA has debuted ㅠㅠ time really goes by fast

In 3 years, from Hi High to the latest PTT!

I think we’ve shown many different things so I feel good too ♥

It’s been a while since I’ve last come back, so honestly I worried a lot and was really nervous but really thanks to our members and Orbits I think I was able to come back without issue ha :)

Orbits! You know I really love you, right?!

Let’s meet soon and play ♥ I love you ♥ :)

Orbit I’ve finally turned 3 years old!

I, once so naive, think I have experienced so many good things with Orbit, which has led to me becoming a cool adult!

Really, thank you for always being a reliable tree ♥

I think these 3 years with Orbit are a really precious treasure ♥3♥ In the future too, let’s keep! ♥ being together for a long long time ♥ I’ll give you more precious memories as gifts! I promise ♥ I’ll be a star always shining upon Orbits~ ⭐

I love you Orbit 😍

- From cutiepie for Orbits only -

Hello~ This is ViVi ♥

I think today is a special day even among special days for LOONA! So thank you for congratulating for LOONA’s third anniversary, Orbit ♥

Becoming LOONA member ViVi, meeting the members and Orbit, the time we’ve spent together has been really precious and joyous ♥♥♥

Members and Orbit always by my side! I love you very much ♥

Let’s keep meeting each other more and more often moving on ♥ I’ll come find you often ♥

You have to always be healthy and happy, then we can meet often ♥

LOONA’s 3rd anniversary, congratulations, I love you ♥

Orbit! Hello it’s Kim Lip 💋

Being with Orbit and 11 other members together for 3 years, I think time has gone by really fast, thank you so much :)

Thanks to Orbits I think I’ve always been able to happily sing ♥

Lastly to the members that I love! Let’s keep laughing together, and for tough things, let’s rely on each other to overcome them thanks~♥

Hello Orbit ♥ It’s Jinsoul :)

Have you been doing well? Lately the weather’s been getting cooler so I think that’s so nice ♥ We’re supposed to meet Orbits at times like these… T_T That’s a little disappointing but! Today is a happy today! It’s “LOONA’s 3rd anniversary as a full group!” ⭐

I told you this on my solo 3rd anniversary but personally I like the number ‘3’ so I’m even more happy too! And this time with Haseul too we can celebrate as a perfect full group so I think this is even more meaningful right? Heheh

It feels like we’re more sturdy than we were on the 1st or 2nd anniversaries.. Should I call this feeling that of being precious friends or family that really can’t be separated hehehe

Likewise with Orbits kekeke though that’s embarrassing.. I think it’s thanks to everyone that I’ve become the me I am now, let’s keep working hard moving forward too ✊ I ♥ U 😙

To O🌟 ♥3♥..

Orbit!! They way it’s already our 3rd anniversary~♥

For activities this time I really wanted to show you really cool! packed performances so that was so disappointing and sad T^T

But even for a little I got to see Orbits’ faces and interact, so I liked it heh ♥ As disappointing as this was, we can just see each other more often moving forward and be even even more happy!! Our girls! ♥ Our Orbit let’s keep mustering up more strength and try making good memories, unforgettable memories together ♥ I love you~ 🍒

From Jjery >u<..

To. Orbit ❤️

Orbit hi! It’s Yves 🍎 They say it’s already LOONA’s 3rd anniversary 🙂!!!

Thank you for being by our side and sending your love and support for the past “3 years”, which is short if you think it’s short, or long if you think it’s long. ♥

Though I’m sad we can’t see each other more often due to unavoidable circumstances, I’ll always be waiting here, waiting while thinking of Orbits

So more than being tired, or feeling sorry, let’s just be happy ♥ I’ll promise you a more precious 4 years ♥

I love you and I miss you -♥

From. Yves 🍎

Orbit, before I knew it, 3 years have passed by like a movie, we’ll have to write another new story, no matter what kind of story it is, so that it’s a happy ending ♥

In the future too, what good is it if Orbits aren’t where LOONA is. Orbits are always affectionate to me. All relationships have their own stories and differences but the beginning of ours was started by Orbit choosing us, thank you ♥ I’m always thinking about you ♥ in the day I look at an incense burner and think of Orbits. At night, I take a picture of the moon in the sky and think of Orbits, I think of you in the sound of rain, I think of Orbit before I fall asleep too.

Now, with just the name “Orbit” alone I feel moved, and it’s comfort itself. We’ve reached each other with a precious connection so I want to keep going together. Thanks to Orbits I smiled even on tough days, and I’m smiling today too 🙂

I hope a smile forms on Orbit’s pretty face too 🌸

- From Jiwoo

Orbits hi hi~ It’s Go Won 🦋

Today is LOONA’s 3rd anniversary!

This year we did activities with “PTT”

But thanks to Orbits working even harder than us to cheer for us I was really happy ♥

If, when I first debuted, I largely wanted to be onstage for my dreams, now I hope Orbits are happy seeing our performances, and I also want to be onstage because I like spending moments with Orbits the most.

Let’s keep making many more memories together 🙂

Orbit~ I love you ~~~♥

Orbit hello it’s Olivia Hye

Of the many anniversaries I think today is the most meaningful

I especially liked the activities this time, since we had so much fun doing them with the members

We could be LOONA because of the 12 of us, let’s keep up the good work and hang in there!!!


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