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[Fancafe] LOONA (220819)

LOONA's 4th Anniversary Letters

Our Orbits~ Dalso has already turned 4 years old!

First Dalso congratulations on turning 4 years old~~ (self-congrats)

Orbits let's be even clos4r moving forward ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

You know i l4ve you, right?

Neejinie will become an even cool4r person!!!

I l4ve you ♥

P.S. P4oto is from Neejin long-hair days

Orbit, it has been 4 years since LOONA became a full group 🥺

We were able to come this far because of Orbit’s support and love for us

I always say this, but our Orbit is the best and an indispensable presence

So let’s stay together for a long long time

I really like and love and cherish our Orbit very much😌💛

Orbit! It has already been 4 years since LOONA came to Orbit already

My members, you’ve worked really hard in these 4 years!!! Our Orbit, thank you for always being right beside us

Thanks so much for coming to me, my loves💚

Orbit, it’s 4 years since we’ve debuted!

Time seems to have gone by so quickly

In the past 4 years as LOONA, I’ve seen and learned a lot and made really unforgettable memories

Thank you, I’ll strive to become a Yeojin who works even harder

Orbit will also always be by my side, right??

I love you very much, I’ll give you only warm feelings❤

Thank you always, for real!

Orbit-ah, even though it’s the 4th anniversary, thank you for spending more than 4 years together with us

I’ve learned much love from Orbit too, let’s keep seeing each other often~

Thanks always, and I love you❤❤❤

Orbits, I heard it’s already LOONA’s 4th anniversary

While on this tour, I felt once again that people are supporting LOONA from many places

And I got to feel thankful once again

I’m receiving lots of strength

Thanks always, and I love you

Have you been well! Orbit!

We ended up having LOONA’s 4th anniversary fall within our US tour🥴

Even though Jiwoo couldn’t be with us,,, we’re still of one mind✨

I recall the times we’ve spent with our Orbits laughing and crying a lot over these 4 years

Thanks always, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be better to you

I hope that we’ll continue to make happy times together! I love you💙

Orbit!! I heard it’s already been 4 years since we girls made our debut!!

In this time I’ve often felt what it’s like to be loved, thanks to Orbit

Thank you so much, and I love you

Please continue to take good care of us!!💜

Orbit, already 4 years have passed since LOONA debuted!

On the one hand, I find it fascinating when the number increases each year, but on the other hand, I also get nervous

But I can just show you the things that I’ve wanted to do and to show you! ❤

Thank you for being by my side every time in these 4 years

I want to always be a reliable person whom Orbit can be proud of

I’ll work hard, I love you✨!

Orbits, my precious people

In these 4 years that Loona and Orbits have been together, as we’ve been together in many places

And even in the long period when we couldn’t be together, thank you for helping me feel loved endlessly, in different ways

Every single moment from the beginning to now, Orbits have been a weighty and precious, significant presence to me

You will continue to be that, and to me, Jiwoo, you’re the presence I always need

As the flower and the butterfly are always together, throughout the four seasons, let us continue to reminisce on today, in beautiful appearance that’s different in every moment

I love you. Please stay with me for a long long time to come🙏🏻💕

Orbit~! Thanks for being with us in our 4th anniversary♡

It’s a whole different feeling to be experiencing this during the world tour!

My Orbits whom I’m always grateful to!

Today and tomorrow, every day I love you😘

Hi Orbits, it’s our 4th anniversary

Looking back at the path we’ve taken, I feel like we’ve ran hard

Because Orbits were there in every moment, I was able to get up even when I tripped

Thank you so much, and to the members too, congrats on our 4th anniversary~~



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