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[Fancafe] Loossemble messages for completing Sensitive promotions (231031)


C.Loo, we had our last music show yesterday, but I'm so happy because we finished our promotions well thanks to C.Loo~!~! Thank you, C.Loo!! Love you 🥰


C.Loo! Unfortunately, our Sensitive promotions are over. It's such a shame

For C.Loo who have been waiting, there will be a fan concert at the end of November, so don't be too sad from missing us. Please wait a little bit

C.Loo, thank you for loving Sensitive lots. Bye 🩷


C.Loo-ya~ We've had our come-but as Loossemble, did our US tour, promoted in Korea, and finished the last music show

I think we were able to finish it well because C.Loo loved the album lots and were together with us

I was happy to meet C.Loo and to have had a good time. Love you ❤️

[Go Won]

C.Loo! Thank you for supporting Loossemble's Sensitive promotions♡

I feel sad that the promotions are over, but I'm happy that there will be many days to meet C.Loo in the future! See you soon~♡


Hi Ssi-loo~~ Sensitive promotions ended yesterday

I was a little nervous to be onstage again after a long time, but thanks to C.Loo, I was able to finish it well

Thank you so much to the C.Loo who came to see us, and to the C.Loo who cheered us on from places we couldn't see. Now see you at the fansign event!


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Nov 03, 2023

Wonderful for our 5 girls to re-debut again.

But… Vivi’s translated comment about their “come-butt” should be corrected, lol❣️

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