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[Fancafe] Odd Eye Circle (190921)

Summer Unit OEC


Our cutie OEC unnies!!

We've already spent 730 days together T^T

Time flies by so fast.. 😨

Our manager was watching the LOONA TVs that we recorded in LA, and the memories slowly came back and I thought of how happy we were and how much fun we had at the time! TT I remember the first time we heard our song "Gril Front" and how excited we were when we heard that we were going to LA! As Odd Eye Circle, let's resolve to show even cooler appearances to become even more of a power-hot-unit! 💗 Unnies

I love you! 💗Smooch! >3<

Kim Lip

- From Cutie Lippie >< -

Hello Choerry, Jinsoul unnie :)

Not too long ago we had LOONA's 1 year anniversary, but it's already been 2 years with OEC ㅇㅅㅇ.. Time really goes by so fast.. We performed as a unit before being a full group, and got to meet Orbits earlier too through OEC activities, that was so fascinating.. And it was even more interesting to be a full group after unit activities - it was even better, OEC friends~ ^_^

Our friends~ Congrats on 2 years Actually, having done full group activities, if we go back to OEC activities, I think it would feel a little empty, but if I'm with the ever-positive Choerry and our loud Jinsoul-unnie... It'd feel crowded.. It won't feel empty, so I'll be looking forward to that. Pretty Lippie believes in OEC only! Orbits!! You know that if 3 of us combine, we become amazing, right? Look forward to it, congrats on 2 years, and I love you 💗


Hello our OEC pretties 😊It’s Jinddolie. They’re saying it's already been 2 years with us together, that's amazing. Back then, when we were first preparing and doing activities - why does it all feel like a dream? Thinking about it now, I mean I was so shy and like a baby, heheh

At times I re-watch videos and miss those days, (sob).. Of course, I'm happy with our packed full group but there's something special about the unit stuff, you know what I mean, right? Guys, I really do treasure you both, I sound like a mom right now but it's the truth ^^ I trust you already know that though, based on how you typically behave lol - I love yoou~ 💗

Odd Eye Circle

To the orbits we love!! It's already been 2 years. We know that Orbits have been waiting for us, OEC, for a long time too. Thank you so much for not forgetting OEC's special day, for loving us, and for missing us, let's meet again for sure, look forward to it 😊💗 Yes that's right, it always makes me so happy to hear Orbits saying "OEC! Summer unit!" I love it 💗 We promise to come back one day as Odd Eye Circle!! Also just wait a little bit longer for our full group comeback hng... I treasure you Orbits, to whom I am always sorry to, and am thankful for 👆 Yes of course (haha) Odd Eye Circle is practicing hard for our Orbits, and we'll practice again to return for Orbits sooner too 💗Until then please wait a little~ T^T Until we come back, let's develop our love for each other and meet again 💗3 💗 Poof!



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