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[Fancafe] Odd Eye Circle (200921)

[Kim Lip]

Orbits hi:)

I am so thankful that each summer, Orbits don't forget about Loona Odd Eye Circle and think of us again!

When summer comes, I get to reminisce on memories with Orbits, listening to Loona Odd Eye Circle's performances and listening to the tracks!

I heard that Odd Eye Circle is already on our 3rd anniversary

and pondered with my Odd Eye Circle members, what photos would Orbits like to see uploaded?

And looked over old photos!

It seemed like we had a lot more unreleased photos than we thought, which was disappointing,

but it also made us want to share many more things!

So after much thought, we picked out photos that reflect the excitement and memories of those days.

Hope Orbits will enjoy looking at them,,💋Let's spend future summers together with OEC too

Always thank you and love you!


Orbits💙Have you been well?

Today is us Odd Eye Circle's 3rd anniversary! Kya!

Our promotion was short so it doesn't really feel real that it's been three years,

and seeing us celebrate like this, it makes me expectant that perhaps we'll do unit activities again someday heh heh

Back then, our shaking eyes and mistakes were so inexperienced, right?

My dongsaengs are all grown up now too, it's fascinating. It's not that I raised them, but they were just babies back then🥺

Lastly, thanks for seeking us out every summer💙

The summer's over now, so we'll come see you as a full group! Keke looove you❤💙💜


Orbit!! Hello! This is Choerry💜🍒

It's apparently been 3 years since Odd Eye Circle met!!! Time flies so fast, doesn't it!😭

Even when I debuted, I was still going to school in my uniform and now I've already become an adult.

It feels like time really flows by fast!!

I'm so happy to be able to have this fleeting time be full of precious memories🥰

Thanks to Orbits we receive awards, happiness and love. If I think about it now,

I think I've lived my 20 years of life very~ happily

I will work hard to give back as much as we receive, no, even more than we receive to Orbits!

Orbit!! I love you so so much and love you in the future as well💜



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