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[Fancafe] Odd Eye Circle (210921)

Kim Lip

Hello Orbits it's Lippie, OEC is already at our 4th anniversary! Thank you for continuing to love the OEC music and unit four years later, for me too the memories from unit promotions are like a midsummer night's dream, so precious and uplifting, so even a mention of the unit makes me excited and I want to tell you this and that, now I don't want to dwell on the past anymore, and I want show you something new again, since we're the summer unit we'll always be burning inside Orbits, love you and miss you ❤️


Orbits! It's Jinsoul 🙋‍♀️ Are you having a good holiday weekend?

Today is Odd Eye Circle's fourth anniversary! ❤️ We always called ourselves the summer unit but it feels different to have an anniversary fall on Chuseok like this heheh

While four years' time passed we didn't promote any more, but I'm so thankful and glad for Orbits who always remember and miss us! 🥺 💙

It makes me look forward to the future of Odd Eye Circle even more huhu 🥴 💜

You can never forget us until the end, got it? My Jungeunie and Yerimie too, thank you and love you always my babies kek 🤤

Orbits! Have a happy rest of the holiday weekend! And let's meet soon! Always stay healthy and hwaiting above all! 👊


Hello! Orbit! It's Choerry 🍒

For the first time in a while, we O❤️E💙C💜 have gotten together like this hehe, the summer is gradually passing us by and I'm sad about it but also happy, by the time next summer comes around I'll be able to see Orbits lots and lots, right!? I hope so.. ㅠ Orbits, we may not be able to see you much now, but we will always be thinking of Orbits! And stick right! By your side!! OEC unnies I love you! And members I love you so much! And Orbits I love you 😘 🎂



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