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[Fancafe] Odd Eye Circle (220921)

<Kim Lip>

Hello this is Kim Lip, it’s already ODD EYE CIRCLE’s 5th anniversary

I suppose that this means that five summers have already passed

Time has really passed by quickly since I met Orbits, looking back I think there have been a lot of memories made

It feels like thanks to Orbits I feel like my 20s have been packed with special things

It was filled with things I could only experience because of Orbits

I hope that I, or LOONA, is someone like that to Orbits too

I’m always thankful, and I love you

Let’s make more memories together moving forward❤


Orbits, hi! It’s Jinsoul -`♥´-

Today isss Hot Unit! Summer Unit! ODD EYE CIRCLE’s 5th anniversary!

We’ve always been just gaining years of experience without much activity, but this time, through the world tour it looks like we were able to show you the ODD EYE CIRCLE of 5 years keukeu

Thinking of how we were back then,,, we’ve developed a lot, haven’t we?

When I look back on those activities it’s funny because I can so clearly see how nervous I was, now I’d probably do it like a pro 🤨

And though it’s not [comeback] activities, I think I was happy to show a stage by ODD EYE CIRCLE while on tour

I feel great thanks to our Orbits who love us and never forget us, not just as a full group but also the units.

Should I say that the units have somewhat different special vibes from the group?

Heheh I’m always happy that I’m ODD EYE CIRCLE😌

Now, I’d like to aim for another season other than summer unit too keke😏

Thank you to all Orbits who wished us a happy 5th anniversary, really!

They say the weather’s getting colder and colder now,

So be careful not to get sick 💙


Orbit! It’s me Choerry 💜🍒

ODD EYE CIRCLE is already celebrating our 5th anniversary!!

Time really goes by so fast.. Just back then I was 18 years old, now I’m already 22… No way😔

I’ve grown a lot, haven’t I?! Thank you so much for watching over me, cheering for me by my side, and loving me as I, Choerry, Yerim, have grown.

I’ve been happy and honored every day thanks to Orbit!!

Thank you for loving me without restraint, to the extent that I wonder if I deserve all this love😍💜

Though I feel so sorry and upset since I don’t feel like I’ve done that much for Orbits..

I’ll work harder for better gifts for Orbits, so keep watching me~

I’ll show you an impressive spirit, befitting ODD EYE CIRCLE’s maknae!

I still often listen to ODD EYE CIRCLE’s songs! When I hear them, memories from those times pop up hehe

I’m reminded of the good memories I made with the unnies too, so at this point, I can say what I want to the unnies too right!?😘

Unnies! As the youngest I was very clumsy and had lots to learn, but from my side you taught me many things and helped me when I struggled,

thank you for cheering me on and for your advice, thanks to you I think I’m the Choerry that I am now! Hehe

At first, it was my first time having unnies so I didn’t even know how to act and was really lost, so thank you so much for treating me so well, making it easy for me to adjust!! Even now of course I’m really lucky to have unnies to comfort me and encourage me when I’m having a hard time hehe

I will also be a maknae that can be of strength by unnies’ side! Thank you so much for everything so far, and I look forward to the future too❤️💙💜

Let’s go forever OEC!! Let’s go forever LOONA!! Let’s go forever Orbit!! Make more good memories together with us, Orbit

Also I’m still very diligently reading letters and Fab!! And thanks for always being a source of strength for me! Thank you always, for worrying about me😭

I’ll recover as fast as I can too, and work hard so I can to return to Orbits!! I love you Orbit💜



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