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[Fancafe] Olivia Hye (181113)

Hi Orbits~

This is Olivia Hye 🐺, it's my birthday today!

Have you been doing well? haha

Today is my first birthday that I've been congratulated by Orbits!

Firstly, being congratulated by so many people and receiving this much love is fascinating, and I'm thankful 😊

So I think this 18th birthday was made special because of Orbits.

Although any moment could be made special with with Orbits haha

To our Orbits who waited longer than I did for my own birthday, and congraulated me! We're not physically together today, but I think we are, in our hearts~

So instead, I'm having a great day with our members 😊

The joy I receive from Orbits is more valuable than any gift 🎁

From solo to full group! Lots of people asked me if I was tired ㅠㅠ

But Orbits worked together with us~ So I feel like I have to work harder 😁

We're not promoting these days so I can't meet Orbits often, but!!

I'm practicing hard with the energy from last promotions 😀

Please wait for LOONA Studio too, coming soon~

Today, think about me lots~ and wear warm clothes.

You only turn 18 once, so thanks for being here with me.

See you later, for a long time, we love you ❤



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