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[Fancafe] Olivia Hye (190330)

Hello! It's Olivia Hye 🐺haha

It's my one-year anniversary since my debut~ 😀I still remember my, Olivia Hye's, first! Reveal very clearly, but it has already been one year...

Starting with my solo, then the yyxy unit, then being part of LOONA as a full group, I think time has gone really fast. So that's why I think I was able to get closer to Orbits! Oh also!! I really enjoyed being able to show you Egoist at a concert~ 😆

I thought things like "could I fill the entire stage just by myself?" often, and felt a lot of pressure, and also choked up the moment I heard Orbits cheering for me... I can't forget those chills...❤️

I cried while preparing for Butterfly too, and there were times I was exhausted, but after showing our performance to Orbits, I think everything paid off. I'm thankful for the dependable members who helped me, and I'm also thankful for the Orbits who waited for us while giving us their love.

I was able to do our 6 weeks of performances thanks to Orbits too. Although I was disappointed in myself when I seemed less than professional 😖

But, because I know that Orbits love me and understand me more than anyone else!! I didn't fall apart and kept going, haha

You always tell me thanks for being the 12th LOONA member~ But in fact, I'm the one thankful for meeting Orbits. In some ways, you make me feel emotions I hadn't felt before! ❤️ I love you~~ 😍



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