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[Fancafe] Olivia Hye (191113)

Orbits~ Today is the day that led to Olivia Hye! My birthday.

I think it's such a thankful thing, that I get to be happy on yet another birthday.

I spent every birthday joyfully with loved ones, but after I met Orbits, it's become a more meaningful thing.

When I was little, twenty seemed like such a grown-up age, but looking at myself about to turn twenty, I think it's an age where there's still so much I don't know.

I'm trying to become a stronger person, so that I wouldn't be swayed by the little winds. Lastly, my parents who love me more than anyone! Thanks for raising me to be a splendid person 💗 And my Orbits whom I love, I'm always thinking and thinking of you, so please celebrate my birthday for many years to come hehe



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