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[Fancafe] Olivia Hye (201113)

Hello Orbit 🍉 Today is the third birthday I will be spending with Orbits.

I’m happy because it feels like the number of Orbits who celebrate my birthday grow every year, and it’s like a present.

This year is slowly coming to a close, so how was 2020 for Orbits?

As the end of the year approaches, I find myself thinking back on all the things that happened and all the feelings I felt this year.

Since I somehow got through the entire year, I want to pat myself on the back for working hard. Our Orbits also worked so hard this year!

Also, I would really like to see Orbits’ faces next year.

Orbits can see our faces but we can’t see Orbits’ faces 😕I might forget all of your faces.

In addition, I think a lot of Orbits are going to leave birthday messages for me in various places today, so I will spend the entire day happily reading them. I’m really going to read all of your messages.

The letters that Orbits write are so funny. Not only do you write words that contain love, but you also write about ordinary, everyday stuff~

Whenever I see letters about how you lost something or how you felt about your exam, it becomes a source of healing because it really feels like I’m close to you and like I’m just listening to my friend talk.

Just like Orbits always tell us, please don’t get sick, make sure you eat, and I will cheer on whatever Orbits do.

Even to me, Orbits are the coolest and best people~~~ 🐺



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