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[Fancafe] Orbits 2nd Anniversary Member Replies -Yeojin, Vivi & Kim Lip (200710)

Compilation of all the replies from the girls during the Orbit 2nd Anniversary event.


Yeojin 🌙 I'm Rian, who cries looking at Yeojin unnie every day because I like Yeojin unnie so much! [...] For Yeojin unnie, I only want to show you good things and make you happy your whole life and stuff ㅜㅜ 🐸 Yeojin: Thanks for liking unnie, I'll make Rian happy too. I love you Rian [T/N: Informal] 🌙 Yeojin unnie I really liked F-Log!! ㅠㅠ [...] Your adorable going-home-after-work pic 🥺 I'm using it as a going-home-after-school pic ㅎㅎ 🐸 Yeojin: I'm glad to hear you enjoyed F-Log. Thanks so much for liking it ㅎㅎ It must be hard going to school these days in such hot weather, watch out for the heat and always take care of your health! Love you [T/N: Informal] 🌙 Yeojin, I hope you achieve all your dreams 🧡🧡🧡 I want to see how you grow up 🧡 I truly love you, Yeojin 🧡 [...] I made your house and found a frog buddy to live there. I put a real frog in here but I only took video of it 😭😭 🐸 Yeojin: Whoa it looks really similar, thank you so much for making it with such care, let's be together for a long time I love youuu 🌙 As for the Japanese assessment I wrote about in my last letter! I got a perfect score 💯 [...] I was in a 4 hour lesson at art hagwon yesterday and time was going so slowly..🤕 So I was thinking, when this is over and I look at my phone.. Yeojin unnie must have replied to me by then right? Just the thought made me so happy and energetic!! But I was off by a day..😓 ㅋㅋㅋ 🐸 Yeojin: Ta-da unnie's here, I'm so proud of you getting a perfect score on your exam, to think our Orbits are so smart, I feel motivated to study hard too hehe, let's have an exciting greeting next time we meet [T/N: Informal] 🌙 [Fan art of Yeojin] I love Yeojin unnie and I drew you ㅎㅎ <3 🐸 Yeojin: Thank you for the really really really pretty drawing, I hope to see you more often from now on, goodbye for now 🌙 [Fan art of Yeojin] I drew this when you debuted, but even though it's not pretty I suddenly thought I should show you, unnie ^^ [...] I hope unnie's days are full of happy things only! Thank you and love you every single day❤❤ 🐸 Yeojin: It's a really pretty drawingㅜㅜ I'm so touched I think it's prettier than meㅜㅜ Thank you so so much and I hope your days are filled with happy things too, I'll be cheering for you always 🌙 Did you eat dinner?? I'm wondering what to eat for dinner tonight.. [...] Now that promotions are over and I don't see you as often, I get so curious about what Yeojin's days are like! So Yeojin's Loona Log was so fun to watch🥺 🐸 Yeojin: My dinner rec is mmm... Dakbokkeumtang! [braised spicy chicken] Because that's what I had today, it's so good hehe also thank you for enjoying Loona Log so much, look forward to my second episode!! 🌙 Hello!! I'm ChemiExplodes, who sent in a submission to the most recent Frequency of the Moon! When I heard my name read out in the Frequencyㅜㅜ My heart was racing so much and Yeojin was looking for me. So I kept commenting in chat ㅠㅠ but you didn't see me... I wished you could, but you read my submission and gave such good reactions so I was so happy. [...] Thank you for reading this unorganized random mess of a letter, pahanghang ꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*) 🐸 Yeojin: ChemiExplodes-nim, I kept looking for you after reading that submission and I was so disappointed you didn't seem to show upㅜㅜ I didn't realize you kept writing commentsㅜㅜㅜHinguㅜ If I remember correctly you said you wanted to be a teacher, and I really hope you achieve your dream, I'll be cheering for you Pahanghangꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*) 🌙 This is a TMI but it's been 1004 days since I've liked Loona! [...] Anyway today's letter feels like it's been so full of TMI. I'm doing well!! I'll hope Yeojin is too. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye for nowㅠ 🐸 Yeojin: Fifa unnieㅜㅜㅜ It's been so longㅜㅜ I really miss you tooㅜㅜㅜ It's so touching that you've liked us for over 1000 days now, let's be together until the 10000th and 20000th day, I love you 🌙 This was the second? or third? letter I've sent this year, and it was so weird writing online for the first time ㅋㅋㅋ Letters are best handwritten after all... I have one that I've been writing, I'll send it soon. Today's song recommendations: Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly 🐸 Yeojin; Thank you so much for suggesting lots of good songs each time you write, I love it because every time I listen to those songs I can feel your care for me, it's the best hehe, I hope we can meet soon, the weather is really hot lately so please take care of your health, goodbyeee 🌙 Earlier during lunchtime at work I wrote a letter addressed to all the members, but I have a little downtime before getting off work so I was thinking about whom to write an individual letter to. I thought I should write to Yeojin. [...] I'm from Daegu too, you know. Work in Daegu as well. So until the day when every resident of Daegu knows about ☆Im Yeojin, the Pride of Daegu☆ I will work hard as a fan. 🐸 Yeojin: Eeeingㅜㅜ Hello guess I've found this right on time >< Nice timing as expected hehe, Kim Mandu-nim the Pride of Daegu, heegh Let's make lots of happy times together from now on too, I love you 🌙 To maknae-nim who will be a grown-up next year Looking back... you were just an adorable maknae but you've grown like so and will be a grown-up next year... It's not like I've done anything for you but it still makes me proud and beaming and the corners of my mouth tug upwards in a strange and joyful way. 🐸 Yeojin: Hi this is Yeojin who will be an adult soon hehehehehe I'm an adult nowㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ohhhhhh I debuted in my third year of middle school and now I'm in my third year of high school, I think time goes by so quickly, to think graduation is coming soon it feels bittersweet but I think it's a new beginning so I'm also looking forward to it hehe, let's spend lots of time together going forward I love you ><


Vivi 🌙 ...and finally, I heard about So What coming out so I looked up the Cherry Bomb cover, and I was immediately hooked and started looking up other videos. The very first video I found was Everyday I Love You, Vivi-nim's solo song. Vivi-nim was so cute and pretty in the video and the song was my exact taste too! [...] If I didn't see Vivi-nim's music video, I would never have discovered Loona's overflowing charms and just passed them by. I wanted to say thank you to my stanning fairy Vivi-nim, who taught me about Loona. 🦌 [ViVi] I'm so touched to hear that I was the reason you stanned us! Our members really have diverse charms and we always want to show you diverse looks, so I'm so glad to see this letter! Let's keep on having a fun time together~ 🌙 Vivi unnie ❤️🎶 Hello! I'm Yuka, a Japanese fan! Back again to write a letter today➰ [...] Unnie, how do you make the most of your vacation time? I always think to myself let's spend time meaningfully today! But it's like I've just woke up and lunchtime is over and I catch myself and it's night.. [...] PS. Tell me something that you're into lately( ⸝⸝>ᴗ<⸝⸝ ) 🦌 [ViVi] You said you're Japanese but I thought you were Korean, your Korean is so good. For my vacations, I'm also more of an impulsive type than planning, but even though I don't set times, I do think of what I want to do in advance. So if I can do just one or two things I've wanted to do over vacation then I think that's a good vacation. Healing is the most important thing during vacation so be sure to relax! I think I'm engaging in lots of hobbies lately, doing coloring books and drawing a little and playing games sometimes and also looking for new tasty food! Time already feels short when I'm doing this, I also hope to see you soon, let's make sure to meet! 🌙 I'm moved by your talent and beauty, and you always surprise me. You improved so much this year and I'm proud of you. I know you work really hard. [...] 🦌 [ViVi] I'm so grateful and happy that you view me in such a beautiful wayㅎㅎ I'll keep working hard so please keep watching me!!!<3 🌙 I'm from the Philippines, my name is Diane~! [...] I'm sorry I didn't write you many letters unnie ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope I can show you my heart through this letter 🦌 [ViVi] It must not be easy to send letters in Korean, thank you for sending your letter and I love you <3 🌙 Oh right!! I'm going to learn Chinese... I'm gonna learn Chinese and what's the language in Hong Kong called... I want to learn that too!! Though it'll be hard...? I want to understand what you said on the Chinese radio, unnie ㅠㅠ You mastered Korean so I should also work hard and learn Chinese and Hong Kong language!! [...] I studied really hard so I could see unnie, so in this mock exam I scored either 1st or 2nd in my whole schoolㅠㅠ 🦌 [ViVi] Amazing!! You're so smart, I think you can also be really good at languages if you study hard, let's work hard together <33


Kim Lip 🌙 [Writing about Kim Lip being trying to be strong at Meet&Up despite her injury] When I saw you cry because you were upset at not being able to perform, I felt so sorry to you because I realized I was being too complacent, even though Jungeun is still young and has a tender heart... I just felt bad that I passed it off as "She looks like she's okay"... [...] Jungeun, you don't have to try to act mature. No one is totally mature. People get old and still fight and get upset over silly things, that's human..ㅎㅎ I just wanted to tell this to Jungeun on December 14, 2019ㅎㅎ Jungeun, you worked hard~ I know you're really upset~ Something like that.. [...] There's something Loona says every concert after a long break. That you're sorry to make us wait, and we can feel you worry about fans getting tired of the wait..😢 But Jungeun, Orbits truly love Loona, so don't worry and stay healthy and practice hard and I hope we can see you in an even better way! Orbits will be living great lives from our places! Jungeun, be our strength in those lives💪 🦉 [Kim Lip] Hello I wanted to comment on this one first, actually I check the fancafe very often, you know..? But not even lying, seeing this letter brought tears to my eyes, just a lot of emotions mixing up made me feel like crying, but first thank you. It was really comforting, since we're only ever thankful and sorry towards Orbits.. But really I screenshotted this and bragged to my family and friends that I'm crying because this was so touchingㅜㅜ Thank you so much happy 2nd Orbit anniversary... Love you 🌙 Hello!!! I'm from Spain, I don't know Korean (i'm using google translate😭) But I want to show you my dog her name is Kira!! She will be a great friend for Janggun Turning 13 in August [...] I'll always be by your side, te quiero mucho! (i love you in spanish❤️) 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello!! It's okay.. I only know Korean too^^,, sorry,,,I should learn But... that small and cute baby ..has lived..for 13..years? Puppies are so lovely after allㅠㅠ Kira looks really young,, Thanks for introducing Janggun to a new friend, and thanks for the kind encouraging words. te quiero mucho!❤ 🌙 (I'm an international Orbit I'm not good at Korean I'm sorry ㅠㅠ) [...] I had a really good day today ㅎㅎ Because... I found out I'm one of the top students at my school!!! I feel so so goodㅎㅎ I might not be first but I'm so happy😭 I'll keep studying hard so you can be proud of me.. [...] I think you're the loveliest person in the world. You know why right? because of the love that Orbits and members and people around you have given you♡♡ 🦉 (Kim Lip) Thank you ㅠㅠ I'll work even harder so you can be proud of me as a singer too❤ But your Korean is so good though? The best ㅇㅅㅇ It's so nice to see you studying hard, but I hope you take some breaks and don't feel pressured. In everything, if you feel pressured you start doing worse, even though you're already doing well,, And I also think that our Orbits are the most lovely people because they're people that I'm proud of, and I get encouraged because of them! I love you ♥ 🌙 It's summer. I imagine you might be feeling really hot, are you okay? I'm growing my hair back out so it's getting hotter for meㅋㅋㅋ You were pretty and cute when I first saw you but you're becoming more and more cute lately, it's snowballing By next year you might be tops in Loona in cuteness🌟🐥 I have a letter I wrote but I think it's gonna be really cringey. I should send it soonㅠㅠㅠㅠ 🦉 (Kim Lip) Really hot latelyㅠㅠ I feel like I'm gonna die from the heat too sob Please keep adoring me from now on ppu,, Letter letter letter gimmeee 🌙 Lipcomong hiii❤️ㅎㅎ [...] I really missed you since I don't even see you as often as promotion time, and now with the Orbit 2nd anniversary coming up, I miss you many times moreㅠㅠ [...] Can you recommend me a few variety or drama shows so I can binge them after my term is over? [...] I want to know what dramas Lippie likes too! ㅎㅎ 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hiii it's Lipcomong :) I'm also sooooooo upset that I can't see Orbits much🥺 Huaaaang when will I?!!!!!!! I miss you!!!! But health comes first so let's all be strong just a little more❤Lippie will be cheering for youㅜㅜ Also lately I'm watching It's Okay to Not Be Okay,,, My eyes are feasting... She's so pretty that I'm jumping in shock every time I see,,! Thank you so much for the kind words and I love you❤ 🌙 It's me Nicole, from Malaysia! We had a chance to chat via the exclusive video call on KCON:TACT! I used machine translation for my message. But I hope you understand! The original English version is in this post too! [...] During the video call, I don't think you remember, but you said "Nicole fighting!" to me and although that is something so simple, that has encouraged me so much when I feel down or stressed out. [...] I feel like I relate to you the most, personality wise. I am just not as cool, pretty and talented as you are! I love it whenever you perform too. It is very hard to take my eyes off you due to your strong stage presence. [...] I hope you can visit Malaysia and Australia someday too! Always stay happy and healthy! 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello Nicole!!!! Nice to hear from you, it would have been even better if we could talk in person,, It's disappointingㅜㅜ Is there a lot stressing you out or giving you a hard time? It won't be easy of course, but I believe Nicole will overcome it well. Because you're an Orbit!! And I also worry a lot about being on stage too. Whether the public will like it, what they'd think, I found myself being self-conscious about others' gazes and worrying about it without even realizing. But because I have Orbits like Nicole who always encourage me and compliment me, I gain strength back and work hard thinking, Let's show these people who like me an even better side of myself, a confident self! I'm the one who's so thankful, Nicole. Honestly. And it might be difficult to understand everything I'm writing, but I hope my heart can reach you!! Thank you so much for writing a letter in an unfamiliar language for me, and if there's an opportunity, really, someday, Malaysia!! I'll come. Love you Nicole 🌙 [Fan art of Kim Lip] I'm a foreigner living in Canada so I really can't speak Korean well. But I want to become good at it because of Loona! Thank you for motivating me! ^^ [...] Your voice is really pretty too ㅎㅎ 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello!! Joomeu!! The drawing is so prettyㅠㅜ Thank you!!! What a cool Lip heheh, you said you can't speak Korean but you're so goodʕ•ᴥ•ʔ..? Thank you so much for loving Loona. I don't know if Orbits know this but Orbits really motivate me a lot too. So I think our relationship is so good for each other!! Let's make good memories for a long long time to come!! And thank you for saying you like my voice ><>< 🌙 Firstly I apologize for my awkward Korean because I'm a fan from Kuwait, an Arab nation. [...] I love your vocals so much. Every time I hear your voice I think the door to heaven is opening! [...] Actually you're the one who inspired me to play guitar, and your artistic inspiration is why I drew you too! Hope you like the drawing and stay safe! 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello!! It's okay if it's awkward, little by little is how we all do it, thank you for working at it~ To hear such incredible praise,, for my voice my tears are blinding my sight,, It's such an honorㅠㅠ Thank you. I want to see you play guitar!! A video too next time.. heheh, also the drawing is so pretty, you drew me so cool, thank you!! I knew Orbits are witty and talented, I love you, don't be sick and be healthy😍 🌙 To Moomin who is Kim Lip and Kim Lip who is Kim Jungeun [...] I heard about this letter event so I hurriedly took out old letters I never sent you, thinking a lot about whether to copy or not, and in the end I'm just writing a new one, see? Jungeun said the other time that old letters are okay and you want them, but again I don't have the courage and keep them more. Let's give this to her at fansign, let's give this on her birthday, one and two they pile up and now I can't count them on my fingers anymore. 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello this is Moomin who is Kim Jungeun.. First off you're probably older than me right..? I'll call you unnie., Seeing unnie,, they say like singer like fan.. You're very shy. But if you work on that, you can get over it to an extent you know?.. Unnie can get over it too, really. But even now, I think you're plenty charming. It's for your own satisfaction so you change it if you don't like it, otherwise I think just the way you are is what's good. Don't try to force a change, because I'm going to like you just the same! And in this letter I can feel so well how much you cherish and care for me, I don't really know how to express my thanks.. I'm really so thankful, thanks to all the Orbits by my side supporting and complimenting me, my self-esteem just goes up ㅠㅠ Thank you my self-esteem guardians sob ㅠㅠ Love you, I always say that but I really do mean it.. Thanks for the letter full of sincerity and watch out for your health!!! [T/N: Semi-formal] 🌙 It's almost 5am where I live but I came because I wanted to write a letter to unnie♡♡ [...] When I saw favorite MV, I remember seeing unnie and saying "Wow how can she be so pretty?" Like a princess! Unnie was blonde back then and very beautiful❤ Even though brunette hair might be better..^^ 🦉 (Kim Lip) 5AM?! Why not sleep ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Thank you I'm so touched, which do you prefer, blonde or brown hair? I've always been curious which one Orbits preferred,, but it seemed like most say blonde?^^ Thanks for being with us for 2 years and let's stay together for 200000 more, I love you 🌙 A letter to Jungeunie who is the biggest~ in the universe~ 🦉 (Kim Lip) If I'm the biggest in the universe .. ...what do I do? 🌙 Out of all those, the song I'm listening to the most is Sole - Same 🎶 I think it's great to listen to in the morning thinking of unnie, please keep recommending lots of music ♡ Unnie keeps telling us to take care of our health but you know your health is the most important right? 🦉 (Kim Lip) sob SOLE-nim's songs.. the best><seriously when I first heard her voice I was shocked,,, Thinking, there is someone who sings with that great of a voice, it's actually possible... And also don't worry about my health, as long as Orbits aren't sick I'm fine ><>< 🌙 I'm Emily. I'm an American. I'm learning Korean because I want to speak with you. I hope to meet you someday. Thank you for giving me strength. I made this specially for you. Love you Lip!! 🦉 (Kim Lip) Wow,, you did this yourself..? That's amazing, your eyes must have hurt... are your hands okay? Thank you ㅜㅠㅠ I really want to meet you too. Take care of your health.. let's make sure to meet. I love you Emily!! 🌙 I maybe far from you, but I hope you see my shining light.✨ 🦉 (Kim Lip) Every time I read a letter that says they're cheering me on from afar, I'm always encouraged. Thank you so much for the kind words, and I want to see you. Knowing you're far away makes me miss you moreㅜ Take care of your health! Thank you 🌙 But thanks to these things, I think I've thought of you more and have come to like you more deeply. Jungeun gave me joy great enough to beat all of those things... so I think I spent those 2 years well, not just hurting. Thank you, Jungeun. 🦉 (Kim Lip) Hello!! I honestly cried while reading this letter ㅠ Sob thank you so much,,, I really read the fancafe letters often and I was really comforted by the letters you wrote! So I brag about it to people around me.. Thank you for so many kind words and let's keep making good memories together!! 🌙 Lippie is a Jungeun, Day 35 [...] The Lippie I know is a splendid and amazing person, and someone who's always improving, so I'm sure that you've worked hard and improved more this past year 🦉 (Kim Lip) Thank you for writing me these letters each time!! I'm reading them all!! I'll be a Lippie who improves even more so please watch me, I love youu 🌙 Jungeun, it's a long yet short time, but thank you for being with Orbits~ My baby, always love you and miss you. All these anniversaries that are still to come, I'm sticking around until the day Loona holds a dinner show. I've made the Oath of Fraternity in the Peach Gardens, seriously. Let me see you for a long long time🙏 🦉 (Kim Lip) I'm so thankful that you're always with me too, and I miss you so much. Unnie I love you ㅠㅠ There are more days to come that we'll see each other, so be healthy and well until then ppu 🌙 It's been a long time... Have you been well?? I'm in my exam year so I can't come here often, I'm sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm studying hard and I can do it because of you, unnie! Thank you♡ 🦉 (Kim Lip) I've been well!! You are too right??? I miss you so much tooㅜㅜ Must be difficult studying,, eat well with delicious food, and exercise to build your stamina!!! Hope you will grow into a splendid person!!! Love youuu 🌙 How did you spend the day today, Lippie? Maybe in the practice room as always? Seeing Lippie live so diligently every day gives me strength 🦉 (Kim Lip) Today I practiced hard in the practice room!! Since today is Friday! Let's regain energy over the weekend!! And go hard and energetic next week too. Ilavyoong!! 🌙 The photos of members wearing capes got uploaded today, Lippie was wearing the cape, with just the ears sticking out, that was so adorableㅠㅠ You softie Moomin Cocomongㅠㅠ Stop being adorableㅠㅠ 🦉 (Kim Lip) My ears are super red ㅇㅅㅇ... how's the cape? Pretty, right? 🌙 It's been a month already since my last letter I'm sure you ate everything you wanted to eat and rested well right!? I trust you did and will continue to do so [...] It's summer so please take care of your health! Be careful of air-conditioningitis and heat stroke too ㅜㅜ Hope you're always in a comfortable environment 🦉 (Kim Lip) It's summer so I really do feel like I should be careful about what I eat,,, be careful!!! Eating well is nice too but!!! I always miss you and love you!!! 🌙 Honestly I fell for you so quickly that time that I thought I wouldn't fall deeply, but so much for that, my heart has basically dove straight into the oceanic trench called Kim Lip, I keep falling and missing you more ㅠㅠ Kim Jungeun unnie take responsibility for meeeee❗❗ Yes that's right... I have also Lip.myeo.deun. [T/N: "Seeped in" + "Lip"] Please Lipmyeodeun everyone~ [...] Unnie seriously take care of your health and you must❗ wear a mask okayㅠㅠ when you go outside 🦉 (Kim Lip) Lip.myeo.deun what a great attitude,... When you go outside be sure!! to wear a mask!! Watch your health ㅜㅜㅜ I'll show you even cooler Lippie so you can Lip.myeo.deun even more confidently, I love youu

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