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[Fancafe] Vivi (171209)

Hello!! It’s LOONA’s ViVi~ Today is my birthday~ So I wanted to talk with fans haha Last year, I spent my birthday in Korea too.. Last year when I was still a trainee, I went to play with my friend in Korea Lalala~ I was happy! I went bungee jumping for the first time then. It’s kind of scary.. but it was fun and felt good keke This is my first birthday with my members and fans~ It will be more happy and fun~^3^ I want to go to the park with my members and play~~~Ahhh~~~kekekekeke In a little while, the 10th member will be released, and LOONA will all be gathered next year, so next year’s birthday will be more lively! And when all 12 people are gathered together, I want to show a better image than now~! Ahh! And a little bit later I will have fun chatting keke Don’t worry about it Haseul asked me to communicate better with fans kekeke Haseul helped me with my letter, too Thank you Haseul~ Thank you for spending my birthday together~ See you later kekekeke

Original translation by REY @loona-trans



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