[Fancafe] Vivi (181209)

Hi Hi Hello this is Vivi ✌🏻✌🏻

It looks like it's my birthday today 🤤🌟

It's my second birthday that I'm spending with Orbits since I met you all~ Orbits! Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday, it made me happy, full of happiness 💗

I think Orbits made this day even more special.

I think I'd be even happier if I got to eat delicious cake 🎂 with Orbits on my birthday 🤗🤤😋

December is my favorite month of the year.

Why December? Because of my birthday, which is when I first met my family 🌠 , the joyful atmosphere of Christmas 🎁🎄 , the smell of winter air ❄️🌬️ , pure white snow 🌨️☃️, and so on. There are so many great things.

I'd like all Orbits to feel like these things and be happy with me 😘😘😘

Orbits! Do you remember? This year, our debut concert and LOONA Studio were really precious and unforgettable happy times 💘 ☺️

Orbits! Thank you for making me happy.

I'll work hard to create happiness for Orbits too 💝 haha

Thank you for always being by our side, have a warm December 💌 I love you ❤ M~~~uuuuah 💋💋💋

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