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[Fancafe] Vivi (191209)

Vivi 2019 4th Birthday in Korea 🌺

I think I am so happy to be born in December

I heard that we already got first snow a little while ago

I didn't see the first snow, but I'm looking forward to it coming back

I love the smell among winter's cold air

And the snow to come seems a bit like flowers that only bloom in winter

And a single mug of hot chocolate might make me warm from inside

There's a lot that I miss lately, is it because winter has come!?

I wanted to see my mom on my birthday, and send love to her Mom~💗

Always thank you so much and love you lots and lots💗

I didn't have many wishes on past birthdays

But this year I've got a few, I want them to come true, I will have to pray

Orbitties who wished me happy birthday, thank you and I love you so much too💗

Thanks to you, my heart is warm like a hot pack even in this cold weather

I don't know if my heart of love has reached you well, so one more time

Orbits!! Thank you so much for always being by my side and loving me

Orbitties, join us for a pretty and happy December~

I love you lots and lots 💗💗💗



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