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[Fancafe] Vivi (211209)

Orbit! It's today's birthday person, Vivi hehe

It's already the last month of 2021 but December is my favorite month

Because December is full of expectations and excitement and memories hehe

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday and spending the day with me this year again

Thanks to Orbits I think I can spend the day even more specially and happily hehe

I want to show Bbi-log to Orbits so I'm working hard on editing the Jeju trip that I filmed before, so I'll show you soon, heart pounding~

For selfies too, I included the somewhat special pink hair and hanbok pics hehe

And let's hang out at the birthday VLive this evening~

The weather's gotten so cold, so Orbits, please be sure to dress warmly and eat as you wait~ See you later!

Miss you and love you ❤❤❤



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