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[Fancafe] Yeojin (171111)

Hello!! This is LOONA’s maknae 🐸Yeojin🐸!!! Have you guys been doing alright??? I’ve been doing incredibly well hehe A while ago I took my finals and the results came out better than I thought so I was incredibly surprised, it felt good hehe^^

Ah right, the reason I’m writing this letter is!!! Maybe you know it???? It’s because it's a Happy Birthdays for me, Yeojinie>< kkyak it’s my birthday!!!!!!

It’s a birthday I’m spending with the fans for the first time so I feel sort of incredibly anxious and excited hehehe are the fans like that too????…👉👈 Anyway, for congratulating my birthday like this with all your hearts, I’m seriously so very very gratefulㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m always grateful to you for always taking interest in and giving love to the person that is me like this💓💗❤💘💞💖💕

Also, the weather lately is getting really really cold so please be careful you don’t catch a cold!!!! Also, please always take care of your health and drive carefully…👉👈(shy)

I’m always thankful to you and love you I LOVE YOU💘💞💖💕💋💓💗 Then, I’m going to step down soon… Then, this is goodbye(bow)

Original translation by @loonagirls



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