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[Fancafe] Yeojin (201111)

Orbits! Hello, it's Yeojin!

It's autumn already. Autumn, when the weather grows cold but the heart grows warmer.

Thanks to Orbits I've learned that autumn is a really pretty season. I'm always so thankful.

I'm already facing age 20.

To think this is my last birthday as a teenager, it brings a lot of things to mind.

Since I'm becoming an adult, I'm gaining a sense of responsibility, and I'm trying to show you a little more growth now.

I'm really looking forward to my 20s that I'll spend with Orbits.

Because I was really happy that I got to spend my teens with Orbits.

Thanks to Orbits I was able to laugh joyfully when I was happy, and to find strength in hard times.

Thanks so much for being by my side in my every moment.

Because of Orbits who make me shine bright in each moment, I look forward to stepping onto the stage,

and it makes me think about how to repay the love that Orbits have given me.

Thank you so much for letting me feel these many emotions.

Orbits! One day, far in the future, I hope we'll be able to share a conversation together while happily reminiscing about this moment, right now.

I will be right here waiting for the moment for us to chat together, so Orbits, you wait for that day with me too please.

I hope Orbits will continue to watch me as I grow more and more.

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday this year too, and again for gifting me another unforgettable, beautiful memory!

Orbits! The weather is really chilly these days. Always dress warmly!

Love you Orbits♡



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