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[Fancafe] Yeojin (211111)

- To Orbits, who are always warm-

Hello Orbits this is Yeojin!

A year has passed already and the cold winter has returned. I don't like winter, but I do like November. I think it's because it has my birthday that I get to spend with Orbits. It feels warm despite the cold.

To be honest, around this time of year I reminisce about what's happened in the past and sink into my thoughts. Again this time around, I feel sorry because I feel like I've only ever received from Orbits and never done anything for you. I always feel that I don't live up to Orbits, so I've spent a lot of time alone in my thoughts.

You know, Orbits, I used to be someone just ordinary and nothing special. I've become someone this special because I met so many good people, and especially met Orbits. So I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for giving my small self this undeserved, overflowing love. I want to do so much for Orbits, but I so resent myself for not being able to. I think I've grown a lot because Orbits have believed in me, that I am always someone incredible, someone awesome. It's all thanks to Orbits. Thank you for letting me feel loved every single day. So many people like me and believe in me, and I feel like I was so lucky to be born.

I feel so happy. Because Orbits exist, every moment is a comfort. I wish these words I'm writing now will deliver my heart to you, but even if they don't, I'll work harder so Orbits can sense how I feel in my heart. I'll work harder so Orbits can become so happy, that you'll reach the skies. And I'll grow into a warm person who can cradle Orbits.

Until then, can I ask you to believe in me just a little longer?

Because I have Orbits, who always abide by my side sometimes like friends and sometimes like family, I am not lonely. This birthday is another unforgettable, precious memory. Thank you so much. And I love you so much. My affection for you is so great that I can't express it all with these words like 'Thank you' and 'I love you'. Like the way you water a wilted flower to have it bloom again, you raised me up again with your consolation in my hard moments, and I thank you so much for that. I think today my heart is going to swell, beyond just being happy😊 I am so happy because I have Orbits.

What do I do? I really feel like I'm about to float away. I'll quickly fly over to Orbits' hearts! My birthday is basically Orbits' birthdays, so happy birthday to you too Orbits. Thanks so much for being born🧡

I hope the day will come soon when I can meet Orbits and eat bungeoppang together. My birthday wish this year is, please let me eat bungeoppang with Orbits! Oh right! Orbits, the moon has been rising so beautifully these days. If you're afraid while walking at night, imagine me as that moon. I will protect Orbits!

Orbits, I've packed my heart into this letter so please enjoy reading it! You know, I really really really really love you so much! Orbits, I'll always stick by your side. Let's never drift apart. I like you lots🧡

- From Yeojin, who wants to become warmer-


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