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[Fancafe] Yeojin (220115)

To. 🧡 Orbit 🧡

Orbit 🧡 Hi it's me Yeojin 🐻 Apparently it's already been five whole years since I debuted! It feels even more special that it's been five years since I met Orbit🧡s and started gazing towards the same place. My memories together with Orbit🧡s have piled and heaped in my heart even more than the snow that's fallen this winter 🙂

To think it's already the fifth anniversary.. I haven't even done much of anything for Orbit🧡s... I resent time for passing by so quickly 🥲 But I'm able to see and learn and feel many things from the past, so I'm also grateful to the time that has passed. Because I get to show Orbit🧡s a better version of myself than before!

There have been many tough times, but these days I think these thoughts too, that I'll be able to look back upon even the hard times with a smile. More than anything, because Orbit🧡s have stayed by my side in between the hard times, because whenever I look back I see Orbit🧡s waving at me, I think there is a smile at the end of my struggle. I feel that a lot right now too! I go, back in those days it was like that, back in these days it was like this, and I smile. It's all thanks to Orbit🧡s.

And the most important thing is, without Orbit🧡s there is no me. If there's only a Moon in the sky and no stars, that's not a perfect night sky. So I thank and cherish Orbit🧡s even more, because we are one. Even at this moment, as I write, the stars and Moon are out pretty in the sky. There's decent snow piled up, too. Like this, like a painting, let's keep staying together. Until the colors wear out and we need a fresh coat of paint!

I've said it every time, but thank you so much. My Orbit🧡s who give me strength just by being there next to me. Thanks to you, I'm happy even when I'm tired. I tell you 'Thank you, I love you' every time, but this time, I thank you and love you even more.

I pondered hard about how I could express my heart to Orbit🧡s in a letter this time around, but I'm overflowing with things to tell you like this.. Do I talk too much..? Heh who cares~ Orbit🧡s deserve to hear even more good and pretty words, am I right??

Orbit🧡 Thank you so much for guarding me steadfastly for five long years. Thank you for being the reason of my being 🥺 I love you. Very much! Let us get even more, and more, greatly happy 🧡🐻🧡🐻

From. 🐻Yeojin🐻



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