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[Fancafe] Yeojin (221111)

Hello Orbit it’s Luby!

Time has passed and it’s already my birthday!

I think this birthday is a little special! Many people congratulated and wished me a happy birthday, which made this birthday a shining day!

I had a lot of hard times, and certain things made everyone sad at times, but because Orbits were next to me, I was able to overcome it without any fear

It’s all thanks to Orbit!

The overflowing love beyond what I deserve, the sincere affection, and your worries for me that are greater than your care for yourself, they’re all so so precious, so I want to repay it for sure. That’s my heart!

Orbits, whom I want to see more of even when I’m looking at, I’m so happy to have Orbits. Are Orbits happy to have me?

If you’re not happy, I’ll work harder to make Orbit happy!

My birthday is always in winter and it’s cold, so I’m always worried that Orbits might be cold. But you know how the cold air of winter always comes back to mind at least once in spring or summer!

If you ever suddenly feel that the air is cold, I hope you will recall this air that we experienced together. Because it’s our precious memory

Orbit, I will always quietly, no, reliably stand next to Orbit and make Orbits shine. Because that’s what I do best!

Orbit, it’s my birthday so let me just make one request! When things are hard or when you’re sad, please never think that you are alone!

I am next to you, so I hope you’ll never feel alone. You can do that for me right? I hope that you’ll make sure! To hold to this one thing!

I love Jaengies more than anyone else. So Orbits must love me more than anyone else too! Got it?

Thanks for reading this long text. It’s a special day and I think I just had that much more I wanted to say!

Us having met like this is serendipitous, so for this relationship to grow firmer, let’s spend even more time together from now on

Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday, and my birthday is Jaengies’ birthday too, so happy birthday to you from the bottom of my heart

I love you so so much. When Orbits are tired and your footsteps stop, I will be watching from behind you. When you feel rushed and hurry on your path, I will hold your hand and walk with you

And if you’ve arrived at a road not so good, I’ll get to that road before you, so that you won’t be lonely

My wish is that we will never forget the promise we made, to keep it and grow happier



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