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[Fancafe] Yeojin (230116)

Hi everyone! Have you been well?

I miss you lots and I like you lots, but I’m just so upset at this situation where I can’t express all of that for you ㅜ!

I had thought the only thing I can do for Orbits is expressing myself, and I’ve been feeling so guilty lately..!

But I think Orbits will still stay by my side! Right?

Recently there have been lots of things going on

I was really hurt by people talking about things that are not true, and on many occasions it felt unfair and I wanted to cry

But each time, because I had Orbits who believed in me I was able to endure

I figure people who will believe me will, and those won’t believe me won’t!

Recently I’ve been trying to change my mindset!

Apparently it’s already been six years since I debuted. To be honest it doesn’t feel real yet

To think the time I’ve piled up together with Orbits has already reached six years, a part of me is disappointed that the time went by so quickly

But thanks to Orbits who always stay by my side so dependably, I think I’ve been able to endure well up until now

All the time, all I’m full of is a sense of guilt, there are still so many things I would like to do for you

My heart towards Orbits will never change, forever

I hope earnestly that Orbits feel the same way heh

Thank you so much for staying by my side until now

I love you very much.



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