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[Fancafe] Yves (180524)

Hi! It’s Girl of the Month’s 9th member, Yves day ~❣️ It’s Yves~❤️

This is the second time I’ve written in a fancafe, but I’m still shaking… 😗

It’s a little embarrassing but I’ll express my heart to everyone so I’ll write a post like that 😶

Last time this year, I wasn’t Yves but a Sooyoung who was practicing, and I was just waiting for the moment of my debut 🙊

And eventually I became Yves who received everyone’s love and is going through this happily 💕

Seems like time is passing by so quickly ho ho.

I am grateful and more meaningful that I get to spend my first birthday as Yves >_<

“Thank you for debuting. Thank you for singing.”

These are my favourite words 💖

Fans always say thank you to me, but I am receiving countless gratitude, strength and comfort from my fans 😊

Sometimes when I get tired of practicing, I take out the letters that my fans gave me 💕

When I think I am too small, I feel like becoming a big, nice and warm-hearted person when I read my fans’ letters 😌

Thank you so much for listening to my voice, for loving me 💖

And I am so grateful that you made my 22nd birthday an unforgettable happy day 😭

When you have a birthday, you blow a candle and make a wish!

If I have a wish, it would be for you guys to be with me forever 🙈

Please be by my side in the future and the reason that I sing 💖

And if my songs are comforting and empowering to the fans, won’t I be the one that’s happier? 😍

It’s my birthday today, everyone please have a happy day!

Please like me lots and love me lots 🙈 !!!

P.S. Please anticipate our YYXY who will definitely be revealed soon!

Original translation by @adoreloona



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