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[Fancafe] Yves (181128)

Hi orbits!!! It's Yves! ❤️ ❤️ !!!

It has been a very long time since I’ve written a letter by hand. I'm a little shy about that, but I wanted to give a gift as special as my 1 year debut anniversary ❤️ . It's not a big gift, but I hope my small honest feelings come across okay >< 🌼 Hey orbits!! Are you doing well these days???

The weather has been chilly recently, I'm very worried that you may have gotten sick. I have been happily practicing everyday, thinking of the next time I can meet Orbits!

There are so many songs and dances I want to show Orbits, my body's itching to show them to you, haha.

Anyways, sometimes, even when I'm fully immersed in practice, suddenly! I have a moment of deep thankfulness. For everything. Being able to do what I want for work, working hard to develop my work, and moreover, this work becoming my reason!!! The Blockberry family that places their trust in me to dance and sing my heart out, and raises me up with them ❤️ And our girls who can always be counted on ❤️

Finally, the reason why I sing, the muses for my songs, "only-my-lights" ❤️

I'm still so small and lacking, but right now I'm expressing my feelings with my own awkward mannerisms 👉 👈 ❤️

Sometimes, I feel smaller, with the enlarged worries and concerns pushing down on me🌸 But since I have Orbits, my flattened self simply appears pretty, with sharp edges 🌸 🌸 . Thank you for sharing your feelings over the last year, sending your unending love to me, and giving an enormous gift, a “1-year debut anniversary” 🌸 to a nobody like me. Let’s promise to spend the next 10, 100 years together >< I love you so much ❤️_❤️

From: Yves, who’s thankful for EVERYTHING on her first debut anniversary



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