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[Fancafe] Yves (190524)


Hello Orbits! It's Ee-boorie~❤️ Yves 😀I've held a pen once again to express my gratitude to Orbits. Today is already my 23rd birthday!! @_@ It's my first birthday since LOONA's debut "as a full group" which I've dreamed of for so long. ㅠㅠ So it feels different and is more meaningful. But Orbits are by my side feeling the same way, right? You're probably tired of hearing this, but I really am so thankful. It's a huge blessing to receive support from others for doing what I love: dancing and singing. I know I still need to improve a lot. So I'm always trying to develop myself, externally and internally. Reading letters from Orbits, despite all that's going on in your own lives, warms my heart so much. I'm so grateful for the fact that, of all people, "I" have somehow seeped in or given strength despite all your busy lives. I think the support of Orbits completes me to make me a full person. I've thought about that for a long time, asking "how could I return the favor, for all this gratitude?" 😀Trying as hard I can! at every performance, broadcast, fansign event, but there's always a part of me that thinks I could've done better. But then, Orbits told me that even small words from me made their day! They said my honest words gave them strength. I think I kinda found the answer after that day. Working hard as a singer and putting my heart into it. And if that authenticity makes someone feel better, that process is what I've really dreamed of all this time. The authenticity is still clumsy and rough around the edges, but I'd be so happy if it reaches anyone ><❤️

It's a warm May, thanks to Orbits! Just as you say to me, I'll be right here, next to Orbits, too. ❤️Thank you for giving me all the great memories for my 23rd birthday! I'm so sad because there are still so many things I haven't been able to show you ㅠㅠ I'll become an Yves that you look forward to everyday, completely unpredictable!! haha I love you ❤️_ ❤️



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