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[Fancafe] Yves (191128)

730 days since Yves 🍎and Orbits ⭐️met

Hi Orbits! It's Yves 💗Time's flown by so quickly, and now it's been two whole years since I first stood in front of you as Yves. To be honest, I don't think I'm really feeling the impact of two years' time having passed. So the moments when I get to face Orbits are so emotional and grateful and... it just feels like a dream to me 💗 The little kid who was just happy to sing and dance will soon turn 24 years old.. 👉👈 I nurtured this dream because singing and dancing made me so happy as to forget everything else, but I'm not very tough yet, so I did often feel shaken and sink down. But as I received from Orbits your genuine words and your unchanging love, I began thinking that I wanted to become someone really awesome and return these warm feelings to you. In that way, Orbits lead me to become a better person. I try to impart my feelings through these letters because I'm not good at expressing myself normally, but sometimes I'm afraid that the words of gratitude I use every time might seem tired, their meaning eroded. But, from the day I debuted to today after 730 days have passed, I have been so grateful, and I am still loving you. I'll become a splendid artist who returns this undeserved love that I am receiving! The weather has gotten much colder. Orbits are always worrying about me, but I'm truly well, so please always stay healthy, stay happy. Just like now, by my side!!! Heh heh love you Orbits️ 💗

ORstralo BIThecus




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