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[Fancafe] Yves (200524)

Hi Orbits! Yves🍎 here.

The breeze blowing from outside makes me realize how vivid a spring it is now. My birthday is in May too, and how my heart pounds around this time of every year - maybe because of spring and maybe because of the birthday. How have Orbits been doing till this May?

So many things flash by me too when I think of days gone by. Like everyone else, sometimes I'd be feeling joyful but then feel small. I'd feel like collapsing, but then something very trivial would make me laugh...! For example, when I read a letter from my bag, when I'm trying to decide where to put the cute stickers I received as a gift, when someone calls my name... they're very trivial acts, but not so trivial at all!

Seeing things like that, I realize Orbits make me become a better person. You record my day after day through your beautiful perspectives, you send me letters packed full with your hearts written down, and you cheer for me with steadfast gaze in front of the stage, my Orbits. And Orbits who stand by my side silently from somewhere out there, too! Thanks to you all, I'm able to balance myself, find my direction, and move forward.

During the So What promotions, I performed while looking into empty seats without Orbits and I thought a lot of Orbits. Hopefully I'll be able to see you soon, right? Orbits, who make me into someone who doesn't just receive love, but instead love myself and give love to others! I'll collect all of my days and give them to you, gladly!

They say flowers each have different seasons when they bloom.

Some flowers bloom in the spring, but others bloom in the winter.

Until now, I thought I only looked forward to May because of spring, because of my birthday. But as I'm writing this letter, I realize maybe it was because I was supposed to blossom in love now, thinking of Orbits. Each year I'll bloom even more vibrantly, right?!

Thank you for your loving wishes for my 24th birthday, my third with Orbits! If there are any Orbits who also have their birthday today, happy birthday to you too! My Orbits whom I love more than anyone in the world, I'd be glad if you felt the spring for even a moment as you read my letter! I wish you health and happiness always♥️



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