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[Fancafe] Yves (201128)

To Orbit ✨ Hi Orbit! It's Yves. Nowadays the weather's really cold. Every year at around this time, I can feel both the lethargy of winter and the busy feeling that comes with the end of the year simultaneously. Soon, that'll include the excitement of the upcoming Christmas! (I really like Christmas 🎄) Also, there are the lingering regrets about plans that I didn't get to cross off the list in a satisfactory way. Looking back, it was a disappointing year for everyone, not just me, right? I had never even imagined not being able to see Orbits in person... But already, as if it's become routine, we are performing and doing fansigns, and I'm really upset 😭 I've always been the same on my end, but I've been worried about whether my feelings would be delivered, since we can't meet directly. Then sometimes I'd think too much and get lost in my thoughts😌 I've always been like, "You need to be a tougher person!" but someone told me this. If you're too tough, you can shatter easily, so be flexible! Because of Orbits, I can be made tough and wonderful even out of the little shattered pieces; but now I want to try and become a soft and flexible person, balanced so that I won't be swayed easily by any words! For my third year debut anniversary, and for the upcoming 2021, it's my resolution 🥰 I always want to be an awesome person for Orbits, but whenever I write letters like this I end up laying out these thoughts I've had by myself..😭

I guess it's because Orbit is really really precious to me, so I want to tell you everything 😊 Orbits always gather the prettiest words in the world, gifting me a happy day, every day! I want to show you so many things, have you listen to so many things, sometimes I think there's no word in existence yet to express this heartfelt feeling I have 🤪 Orbit whom I've been thankful for every minute, every second since debut... I'm banning us from saying sorry to each other anymore!!! I'm going to make Orbits proud to have been with us! I promise ❤️ I'm always feeling full because I've been fed on your love as I grew up, but please continue loving me! I'll give you hundreds, thousands of times more love in return, so look forward to that 💖 Like the songs that helped me get up when I was exhausted, I want to sing songs to be of strength to Orbits too. 💪 So I'm not just saying this every time, I'm really going to work harder ❤️ Orbits, I hope you'll listen to our songs and be encouraged, and achieve all the things that you're working on and dreaming of. 👏 Thank you so much for wishing me a happy 3rd debut anniversary, making me so happy! And thank you for being by my side, Orbit! I love you ❤️ I'll pray that we'll meet soon, healthily! P.S. I've brought these for Orbits, who like short-hair and long-hair Yves ❣️ From Yves 🍎🦢



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