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[Fancafe] Yves (210524)

To beloved Orbits❤️

Orbits hello it's Yves

It's already my fourth time spending my birthday with Orbits!

In that time my hair length has changed a lot and my once-plump cheeks have disappeared too 🤪 I wasn't even particularly pretty, but maybe because I got so much attention and love from Orbits, my old pictures do seem really pretty when I look at them. I always wanted to be more perfect and to be the best, yet that imperfect and awkward self seems pretty and that's fascinating, you know? I once used to harshly tighten myself when even a small thing went wrong, but somehow, I am changing in this way. I was once ordinary and small, but because my Orbits approached me, and crafted for me a spot to rest in a corner of my heart, I believe I can breathe in hope like this every day. So I've said this every time, but I am still grateful!

Sometimes when I lie down for bed, close my eyes and think, I realize a lot has happened in a few years. With so many moments that I could never have experienced alone flashing by me, I thought that I'm grateful for everyone being around me. Precious Orbits who stay by our side even if we can't meet often, the members who are really like my family now, our company family who always support us .. All these people were helping me to get on my feet, to move forward.

These days as I can't meet with Orbits more often, I worry about what kind of early mornings my people must be having, whether they are going through harder times. I want to make you even happier, but I hate these circumstances that prevent it 😭 It can get quite hot, but the weather's very nice these days. When you're walking and a pleasant breeze blows, will you think of it as me cheering on Orbits? If tired Orbits could find even a little bit of strength in that mundane and ordinary moment, then I must be a very happy person! Orbits, who make me dream of becoming a person who can provide comfort with what I have, rather than something perfect, outstanding and the best - a person you'd like to keep being around! Thank you and I love you for being with me another year 💗 Lastly, my parents! Thank you so much for giving birth to me and raising me right so that I could meet good people 🥰 As much as you've taught me and loved me, I will do even better by and cherish Orbits even more ✌️🤤 From Yves 🍎


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