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[Fancafe] Yves (230524)

Hello Orbit

This is Yves. It's already the sixth birthday that's come around since I've joined this company. They say that birthdays lose their meaning with each passing year, but to me, whenever my birthday comes around as I'm tired and struggling, it feels like a day when Orbits are cheering me on - to laugh, to live vigorously. The chilly winter, where I felt like I could shatter in the cold, has passed; already spring is gone by; and we stand at the threshold of summer. On May 24th, thanks to you I realize once again that I was born and am alive.

To my parents who gave me birth into this world, thank you so much, and in return I will become someone who endures even when the winter comes, grow my roots little by little through each precious day by day, and finally blossom into a flower. Orbits, will you watch along with me? Thank you once again for celebrating my birthday .ᐟ



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