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[Fancafe] yyxy (200530)


Orbits! It's Yves 🍎

Leaving you another letter for Loona yyxy's second anniversary.

I wrote a letter on my birthday not long ago, and today I'm excited just like on my birthday 😊

Our unit's songs contain all kinds of emotions, so they're comforting to listen to when sad, and get me even more excited when I'm in a good mood!

In the same way, we will always be comfort and joy to you, Orbits.

Thank you and love you on this second anniversary of Loona yyxy ❤️

p.s. Loona yyxy!!! Let's assemble!


Orbits, it's chuchuchuchuu ❤️❤️❤️

Apparently it's already been two years since Loona yyxy formed a team

I've been so happy to meet such good people, to meet Orbits 🌟

I want to share with Orbits the time that's still to come to us, and adorn it for a long long time!

You'll stay with us right? 🙏🌹

[Go Won]

Hello it's Go Won!

It's been two years for Loona yyxy!!

We didn't do much promotion as a unit, but thank you Orbits for always waiting and giving us so much love ❤️

I have so many things I want to do with Loona yyxy, so I'm looking forward to the future even more!😊

Since we're the fresh chic unique unit, we'll show you loo~ots of diverse looks. I love you Orbits ❤️

Love you too Loona yyxy ❤️

[Olivia Hye]

2nd anniversary of awesome best unit yyxy~~!

I am the eternal maknae of Loona yyxy

and receiving too much of unnies' love, it's Olivia Hye

I've been listening to our unit's songs a lot lately. Because I get reminded of the emotions, feelings, and scents from back then and it puts me in a good mood.

yyxy's album, sure to return someday! Please wait for it 🍎🍓🍍🍉

My unnies are the best!



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