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[Fancafe] yyxy (220530)

[Yves] Hi Orbit! The days when we were preparing for yyxy promotions are still so vivid, but to think it’s the 4th anniversary already…!

I feel it every time, but time passes so quickly.

It was a rushed debut preparation, but I’m so thankful for the members who came together like this, and thank you so much to Orbits who have been with us from our clumsy and green beginnings to now! Love4eva 🫶


Orbits it’s YYXY’s 4th debut anniversary ☺

When I listen to love4eva, memories of myself standing on stage performing with a nervous heart on our first music show pop up in my head, but to think that it’s already been 4 years

Time sure goes by quickly

To me, a stage where I can sing, and singing, which I love, are precious treasures that I can’t trade for anything else, and they come first

I’ll keep showing you even better sides of myself as Jiwoo who belongs to the fans, and I’ll become a Jiwoo who shows you good performances, so that the tough and grueling times we’ve all had won’t be in vain 💕 Thank you

[Go Won]

Waa~ Hi Orbits~! The memories from our activities are still fresh in my mind, but to think that it has already been 4 years… We’ve done many stages since then, but I still can’t forget the first time I stood on stage.

Thank you for making precious memories together💚 Love you forever Orbits❤

[Olivia Hye]

Hi Orbits it’s yyxy’s 4th debut anniversary. At times I remember our first music show, and I’ve learned how to enjoy the stage that I was once awkward and inept on. I think I can only be here now because of myself on that day. We’ll keep showing you better things moving forward.



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