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[Fanclub] 1st C.Loo Welcome Messages (231007)

Letters from Space 💌


Letter from Space ✉️

Congratulations on joining the 1st C.Loo!

Let's have fun and happy days together from now on >.o

Anytime, anywhere, I love C.Loo ♡


Welcome C.Loo~

Loossemble sounds familiar but feels new, right?

Yeah, that's how it feels, that's right ^^

Let's stay the same as before, no, let's be happy together without changing :)


C.Loo, nice to meet you hehe

It's so nice to have this name~

It's also so nice that we can be together

I'll remember a day as special as today

Let's have a good time, having fun and being happy, making memories together ♡

1st C.Loo

Go Won

Hi C.Loo!

You must've come here after receiving my telepathic communication!

Welcome ♡

Let's depart to a broader space together!!!

From Go Won


C.Loo, can you hear me? This is the Loossemble ship!

The launch was safe and successful

It'll be a long journey, but there's nothing to fear when we're together

It's going to be a great journey, so trust and follow us!



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