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[Fanclub] 2022 LOONA 3rd Season's Greetings: Orbit Japan Photo Cards

☆ 2022 Lucky Charm ☆

Heejin ♡ Nijini pics ♡

Hyunjin Hyunjin hashbrown photo card

Haseul Wired earphones

Yeojin Bracelet

Vivi Bracelet

Kim Lip Pudding (just because I want to eat it..)

Jinsoul LOONA photo cards ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Go about with them in your wallet or pocket ☆

Choerry Choerry good luck charm

Yves Yves polaroid

Chuu Film camera! + Chuu polaroid ♡

Go Won Mint choco ^^

Olivia Hye Olivia Hye photo card



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