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[Fanclub] [LOONAVERSE : FROM] Photobook Photocards

Heejin (1)

The moonlight is so nice

That I cannot simply leave

I'll lie down beside Orbit for a moment

A moment, just for a moment

Heejin (2)

This photo card will bring you great luck.

So promise to carry it around with you all the time, and think of Neejinie ♡3♡

Hyunjin (1)

Orbit best ♡

Hyunjin (2)

Orbit ♡ Hyunjin

Haseul (1)

Orbit!! It's Haseul!!

Was the concert fun?!

I had a really fun and happy two days too heh

Let's continue loving each other :) ♡.♡

Haseul (2)

Hi Orbit!!

Did you enjoy the concert?!

Next time we'll show an even~~~ greater performance

Love you :) ♡.♡

Yeojin (1)

No matter how many times I see you

I miss you

Yeojin (2)

Hey! What are you doing!

Vivi (1)

Welcome to [LOONAVERSE : FROM]

When I'm with Orbit

Everything is fun~

Today was a fun day ♥

Vivi (2)


Because you were with us again after a long time

I'm happy and I love you ♥


Kim Lip (1)

I was so happy

See you again next time!!

I'll miss you ♡

Kim Lip (2)

Lippie is feeling good after meeting Orbit after a long time ♡

Love you ~ ㅇㅅㅇ

Jinsoul (1)

Orbit-doongs, slip this behind your phone

Kekeke 😍

Jinsoul (2)

Orbit-doong! Keep this one in your wallet! :) ♡

Choerry (1)

This card is the card of 'luck'!!

If you possess this, lots of happy things will happen ♡3♡

Choerry (2)

This card is the card of 'love'!!

If you possess this, you will love Choerry more and more 🍒

Yves (1)

Don't exchange this ♡

Yves (2)

Even if you are one of the many ☆stars☆, I'll remember you ♡

Go Won (1)

Whenever you want to meet us

Take this out to look at ♡

Orbit~ Love you ♡ :)

Go Won (2)

Saving our memories here ♡ :)

Olivia Hye (1)

The happy moments shared together!

I'll remember for a long long time

Let's see each other at a bigger stage

Olivia Hye (2)

Even off stage

I'm only thinking of Orbits ^_^



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