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[Fancafe] Loossemble Debut Messages (231010)

To C.Loo


Thank you so much for being with us at this new beginning Let's make many many good memories and have a happy time together ❤️ Love you~ ❤️


Thank you so much for coming to today's showcase I couldn't believe I was on stage again, but I plucked up the courage because of C.Loo Whatever happens, let's stay together forever! You'll do that, right? Thank you for creating an unforgettable moment today!! Love you, C.Loo!


Hello, it's Loossemble’s Vivi It was so nice and good to greet you again with a new image, after a long time Thank you for coming to see us and supporting our new beginning Please continue to support us. Love you, C.Loo ❤️

Go Won

Hi C.Loos! Thank you for congratulating us on our come-but♡ We'll show you many good performances so that C.Loos’ waiting isn't in vain! Let's make lots of fun memories together~! This is just the beginning for Loossemble! C.Loo and Loossemble! Let's begin our great voyage ୧( “̮ )୨


Thank you so much to C.Loos who came to the showcase! The word "debut" brings back those emotions from the very beginning. I was happy!


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Oct 12, 2023

❤️ Gowon, but what does “come-but” mean?lol

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