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[Fanclub] Orbit 4.0 Message Cards


Orbit!! It’s Choerry >‿<” 🍒♡

Already, I am writing my Orbit 4.0 welcome message?

I was so happy and loved it during 3.0 too, and I’m already looking forward to what kinds of even better things are in store haha Thank you so~oo much for making good memories with us! Love you Orbit~♡ I’ll love you more, even more!! haha

Welcome for joining Orbit 4.0 too ♡3♡”


Hello my 4.0 Orbits~! :-)

It’s Neejinie haha

Welcome from the bottom of my heart for joining 4.0 clap clap!!

Over time I’ve gotten to meet new Orbits, and there are Orbits that I’m glad to see after a long time, and Orbits whom I see often, and so on! These have been really varied and joyful days!

Let’s keep making lots and lots of small and ordinary joys, big and varied memories!!

Love you~♡ Orbits are the best >_<!!


Hello Orbits!

It’s Hyunjin~ Welcome to Orbit 4.0 at last~♡ (Applause)

Hehe.. I love that I’ve been able to be with Orbits steadily this whole time..♡

Take good care of me during 4.0 too~

I’m going to show you lots of diverse sides of Hyunjin so look forward to it~ >_<

Love my Orbits until forever~♡


Orbit! It’s Haseul!! :)

To think it’s already Orbit 4.0!

Time sure flies~ haha

This year, let’s see each other more often and have fun hanging out!!

I miss you alreadyㅠㅠ I love you♡

I’ll always show you even more awesome and improving sides of me :)


Orbit! Hello! It’s Yeojin!

Orbit! Heartfelt congratulations for joining Orbit 4.0! And welcome! >_<

We made lots of good memories, pretty memories, during 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and I hope we’ll be recording unforgettable, precious memories during this 4.0 as well!

Spring, summer, fall, winter

All four seasons, I’ll make unforgettable memories for you!

Take good care of me Orbit♡

Let us never drift apart♡ I love you!



Orbit 4.0 has begun! Waaa~

You’ll come share it with us right1?♡

Come through, welcome~

Our precious time~

Time flies even more because I love this

I’m looking forward to 4.0 as well

And let’s meet with excited hearts~

I’ll work hard and show you even better things!

Let’s make good memories together!

Before that, be careful not to catch a cold and stay healthy~

Love you Orbit!!♡

Kim Lip

Hello Orbit! It’s Lip👄

I can’t believe that it’s 4.0 already

Feels like just yesterday that the name ‘Orbit’ was revealed, and soon enough Orbit has occupied such a big share of me, has become part of me.

Take good care of me this time around too♡

New Orbits, brace yourselves..

This door you have walked through.

I’ll make sure you can never leave.. ^_^♡


Hellow! Orbit-doongies♡

It’s Jinsoul :) To think time has passed like this and I get to meet the fourth set of Orbits, it’s very nice heheh

Starting today! Let us build up pretty and awesome, unforgettable memories together✊”

Are you ready~? (Yes~) Keukeu

In the time that is still to come, thank you that you’ll be with us

I’ll work really hard to make sure it can be a good time♡

Luv you Orbit-doong-!

Let’s meet often, and for a long time~♡


All of Orbit 4.0 ♡’’’ This is Yves :)

Starting at 1.0 and now to think we’re at 4.0…

It’s really fascinating and I’m also excited because I’m looking forward to the stories we’ll create together with Orbits. Orbits who always give us great gifts, for us who will love them!!!

Thinking back to all our moments of glory, they were all gifted by Orbits♡ My 4.0s, please be with us for the moments when we will be repaying you?

Orbit 4.0, I got love 4 you ♡



Orbit♡ is at 4.0!? Welcome ♡

It’s Chuu >‿< We again got more time to make good memories together hehehe♡ Shall we just grow old together until 100.0! Doing everything we want to do together, making good memories, meeting often, let’s make pretty photos, videos, performances♡_♡

We’ll make you happy this year too so just trust us and wait♡

Orbit, link our pinky fingers tight, and never forget the fact that we are connected >_<

Looking forward to the days to come, ♡ bye :)

-Juuming :)-

Go Won

Orbit 4.0s, welcome-⭐

When the name Orbit was first revealed it was both fascinating and a little awkward, but you are now a presence that can never be separated from Loona’s side♡

For becoming Orbits, for being with us, thank you so so much ♡‿♡

As always, a future that’s together with my Orbits is exciting and full of anticipation :)

Let’s make happy days together!

Today, tomorrow, a hundred years from now, I love you♡

-From Go Won '♡'-

Olivia Hye

Orbit 4.0! Hello.

This is Olivia Hye.

In order that you will never regret this choice to go with Loona in 2022, we’ll run hard-!!

Thank you so much for becoming Orbit, and let’s have a happy time



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