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[Fanclub] Orbit Japan Official Book Vol. 1: Group Interview & 2SHOT Talk

Group Interview

We look forward to their Japanese activities in which they can show a new version of themselves

What is the key point of your long-awaited Japanese debut song HULA HOOP? Hyunjin: Unlike our songs until now, we use a lot of aegyo, so please look out for that. Chuu: There are a lot of points where Orbits will see and naturally smile at. A new and fresh appearance, as well as bright smiles that only LOONA can do.

What are some episodes from recording or the MV shoot? Vivi: Before recording and before the MV shoot, we would purposely jump in order to get our excitement up! Jinsoul: When we were recording, I paid most attention towards the Japanese pronunciation. I paid too much attention to it that, even though it’s a bright and happy song, it would suddenly become serious, and ended up taking a lot of time. It has been a while since our MV would have a fresh and cute feel to it, so even though it felt awkward at the beginning, I slowly adapted and had fun with the shoot. This time the MV used CGI, so it was shot entirely with a green chroma-key background.

Of the other members’ parts, do you have any that you like? Choerry: Go Won unnie’s part “Yeah stay with me forever now what ya say”. Go Won: I like Yeojin’s rapping section. I thought it was a difficult part, but with how Yeojin makes the rap cute and have a pop vibe, I think it’s the killing part of the song.

Before debuting as a group in Korea, you all had a solo debut. If you were to perform another member’s song, whose song would you like to try? Heejin: Lately I’ve been wanting to try Kim Lip’s “Eclipse”, because out of all the LOONA members’ solo songs, it has the sexiest vibe. Hyunjin: For me, it’s Heejin’s “ViViD”. When she first got the song, we recorded it together, so I’ve wondered before how it would’ve been if I were to do it. Haseul: Yves’ “new”. Because I want to show a new side of myself that I’ve never been able to.. (lol) Yeojin: Vivi unnie’s “Everyday I Love You”. It’s a really good song, and the concept is pretty, so I want to cover it!! Go Won: It’s also “Everyday I Love You” for me. It’s a song I like to begin with, and it’s also a concept I would like to try sometime. Choerry: It’s Olivia Hye’s “Egoist” for me. Unlike my solo song, it has a somewhat deep feel to it, so I’d like to give these kinds of songs a try. Olivia Hye: I want to try singing Jinsoul unnie’s “Singing in the Rain”. When I joined the company, I was told to choose a solo song to practice, and that was the song I had chosen. Vivi: I like “Singing in the Rain” too. Yves: I also think this song (“Singing in the Rain”) is good. I like the beat. Kim Lip: Of the solo songs, I like my own the most. But for unit songs, I would like to try changing (Heejin, Hyunjin, and Haseul’s) “The Carol” to the style of ODD EYE CIRCLE and singing that! Jinsoul: I would try Choerry’s “Love Cherry Motion”. While it has a lively concept, the sudden change in ambience is also fascinating, and it seems fun to perform that on stage. Chuu: I like fun and bright songs, so I would also choose “Love Cherry Motion”. Something that matches Choerry’s freshness is something I want to try at least once.

Your Japanese activities are starting at last. Is there anything that you want to try with your Japanese fans? Heejin: The LOONA in Japan feels like it will be yet another side of us, so I’m really excited. It’s disappointing that we can’t directly meet with fans right now, but someday I want to hold a concert in Japan. Haseul: I’m happy that we can finally show Japanese Orbits a new side of LOONA. It was our first song in Japanese, so there were moments that we were unfamiliar with, but it was a new experience and we had fun. And we definitely want to go to Japan and hold a concert with Japanese fans. Please take care of your health until we can meet again~!

2SHOT TALK - We’ll tell you about us ♡

Heejin & Hyunjin

What do you find amazing about her? Heejin: Our Hyunjin has a strong sense of duty! You can entrust her with anything! There are times where she’ll be sulking, but it’s really cute. She’s more 4D than I had imagined. Hyunjin: Heejin is cute. My friend Heejin is cute from any angle that you take of her.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Heejin: Nothing.. in particular? Ah, when will we be able to take a normal selfie together? Hyunjin: Heejin is cute to begin with, so I’d like her not to act cute.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Heejin: Recently, when I didn’t reply to a KakaoTalk message that Hyunjin sent, even though she said “I won’t message you on KakaoTalk anymore”, she still sent KakaoTalk messages the next day. Hyunjin: When we went to Hong Kong for a MV shoot, I remember we snuck out to the convenience store and bought lots of food without telling the staff.

Haseul & Yeojin

What do you find amazing about her? Haseul: Our Yeojin is really cute. She has a cuteness that us unnies can’t express, and there’s times when she’s staring off into space where I think she’s cute. Yeojin: I can always depend on unnie.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Haseul: Please go to sleep early. I’m worried because she sleeps very late! Yeojin: Please stop shaking the bed ♡ Unnie has a lot of aegyo ^_^ It’s very cute.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Haseul: Yeojin’s family and my family once went to an amusement park together; it was raining at the time, but we had lots of fun (lol). We also fed Ryan! Didn’t we, Yeojin? [T/N: Ryan is a Kakao Friends character, who is a lion] Yeojin: Recently going to unnie’s house and having fun all day is unforgettable.

Vivi & Kim Lip

What do you find amazing about her? Vivi: Her opinions are clear, and she has good observational skills. It’s cute when she sometimes becomes baby-like in everyday life. Kim Lip: Being the oldest, she gives appropriate advice and cheers you up when you go to her with your worries. She’s really a dependable unnie. She’s also a good cook, and looks like a doll when taking pictures. She has a different aura from others that comes from experience.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Vivi: Maybe the fact that she unexpectedly has a lot of aegyo. Kim Lip: Unlike how members will depend on unnie during tough times, unnie doesn’t talk to us about her worries. When unnie is having a tough time, or is worried about something, we’d like to cheer her up.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Vivi: We went to go see an exhibition, but there were too many people, and we ended up not being able to see it. Kim Lip: When we were still trainees, I wanted to help her get settled in Korea. The language, the culture, and such? I shared my mom’s cooking with unnie before, but now I think unnie knows more about Korea than I do.

Jinsoul & Choerry

What do you find amazing about her? Jinsoul: The best part about Choerry is she’s always smiling. She has a lot of aegyo, and is very cute. She also fits with a variety of concepts! I was recently amazed to see her give her frank opinion with a smile. She can speak well without making the listener feel uncomfortable. Choerry: She oozes charisma when she’s on stage, but normally she also has a lot of aegyo, so she has a lot of different charms.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Jinsoul: She doesn’t wake up to her alarm. Especially during promotions! Please don’t force me to wake up too~ Choerry: E~~~verything is good about her, except she gives out a lot of kisses, so I’d like her to hold back on that a little.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Jinsoul: Our most recent grilled hagfish date ♡ Choerry: We both like grilled hagfish, and we often go out to eat it. Every time we eat it, we’re filled with emotion, so we were super happy.

Yves & Chuu

What do you find amazing about her? Yves: You would think Chuu is just simply cute, but I think it’s cool that she adjusts well to various concepts, and that she can express her own colour. Chuu: I think, even if you were to work hard, it would be quite difficult to match unnie’s proportions and passion.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Yves: Even though she’s doing very well, and always producing good results, she is still not confident in herself… You’re doing very well!!! Chuu: Her habit of squatting when sitting. I’ve told her many times that it’s bad for her knees, but it hasn’t changed.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Yves: When Jiwoo was preparing for her solo debut, I was still a trainee living in the dorms and working hard with my diet. And so, I wasn’t able to eat much, but Jiwoo secretly gave me soy milk and other foods! I was really thankful for that. Chuu: I can’t forget when we went to the Han River, and ate ramyeon filled with cut-up peppers in my room.

Go Won & Olivia Hye

What do you find amazing about her? Go Won: Maybe it’s because she fits cool concepts more, but even though she seems to dislike cute concepts, when she actually does it, she does it really well. Olivia Hye: Go Won unnie is pretty, and has this mysterious aura to her. She also has a firm personality, and I feel like the more I get to know her, the more I think she’s a great person.

On the other hand, you want her to fix this! What is something funny or unexpected about her? Go Won: She looks like she doesn’t have any interest in it, but she actually takes good care of the members. It’s even more surprising when someone who looks like that does (those sort of things). Olivia Hye: She’s bought too many electronics, so I want her to stop buying more. Her desire for electronics is too strong. She always asks whether or not she should buy it, but I always think “You’ll buy it anyway, so what’s the point of asking me?”.

What first comes to mind when thinking about a memory between the two of you? Go Won: For the HULA HOOP MV shoot, we wore our outfits from LOONA yyxy, and we tried to recreate the cover jacket picture from when we debuted. When we first met, we were both formal and distant to one another, but now we are very close. Olivia Hye: When I had just joined the company, there was a time when Go Won unnie and I were talking on the practice room’s terrace. Unnie had also recently entered the company, so she understood my situation and feelings, and we were able to find many similarities while talking. I think that time was how our current relationship was made.



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