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Happy Birthday Go Won Messages from Loossemble (231119)


Happy birthday Go Won~

Thanks for being such a cute and good dongsaeng

Eat miyeokguk and cake and

be happy today, I hope you have a happy birthday♡


Happy birthday and also I think the fact that you never change shows that you've really got a backbone*

Let's go go eat malatang

[*T/N: i.e. she is resolute in her beliefs]


Happy birthday Goaeng!

I'm very happy and smile/laugh a lot because unnie's my shabushabu-mate!

Let's always be happy

I'll continue wishing you happy birthday in the future too!

Kongju-nim happy birthday >_<


Happy birthday Go Won♡

Eat lots of tasty things!!

And I hope you have a great day today♡

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