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Happy Birthday Hyeju Messages from Loossemble (231113)


Hyeju unnie! Happy birthday

You're the chic unnie in the team but I know you're really cute

Do lots of aegyo for us :) Hee

Thanks for taking good care of me and giving me lots of advice :)

Happy birthday unnie! Let's be happy :)

Thyeanks so much for being on Loossemble♡

Go Won

Hyeju! A sincere happy birthday to you ^u^

It's your birthday so eat lots of delicious food~♡

I hope you spend your birthday with bungeoppang...!


Happy birthday Hyeju ♡

For at least today eat everything you want to and be happy♡

Hope you always remain healthy♡


Hey Hyeju, happy birthday~

You've really worked hard this year

Be sure to eat delicious food on your birthday

and I hope you have a day full of happiness♡



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