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[Interview] Arena Homme+ Korea 2024 June edition Interview ft. Yves


Favourite food?


Favourite exercise


Favourite colour

Light green, pink

Favourite phrase

“Always on your side

Favourite side of you

When I’m on the stage

Food you dislike

Nothing in particular

Exercise you dislike

Anything tiring

Colour you dislike


Phrase you dislike

“Have to do it anyways”

Side of you you dislike

When I’m crying

How have you been spending your days lately?

After working every day on the album, I’ve recently finished recording and am now focusing on practicing the choreography. Days pass quickly when I’m busily going through lessons and practice.

With good charting performance on Billboard, LOONA established itself as a global girl group. Was there any pressure regarding that as you come out as a solo act?

It would be a lie to say there was no pressure. But as this is a new start, I think that if I keep a long-term view and slowly find my own colors, I think I may be able to find good results someday.

Who is supporting you the most on your solo path?

The LOONA members, of course. The members are completely on my side and tell me that things will surely go well for me. Manager-nim and everyone at the company are putting in all the hard work alongside me, on- and off-location, and they tell me that “in the end things will go well for you”, giving me energy whenever I get exhausted. I’m thankful for these people.

What was the reason for choosing PAIX PER MIL as your agency for your solo activities?

I wanted to undergo a metamorphosis. Until now my priority was for the team to do well, more so than myself, and there were many days when I pondered deeply about what I could do for the betterment of the group. Through those circumstances I was able to grow a lot, and now, I am in the process of getting to know myself more as a person. I also had thoughts about wanting to show my full self to fans. I’m grateful for my members and fans who’ve believed in these thoughts and have supported me.

Please introduce your upcoming album.

Millic CEO-nim took on the executive production on this album <LOOP>, and Ioah and Blah each gifted me one song each. I’m so grateful that every artist under the company supported my solo debut and lent their strengths to this album. This album is also my first step towards creating my own world as a solo artist. For a long time I’ve been fitting myself into a team, to a certain set of rules and systems. So to me, this album is a first attempt at escaping the loop of a predetermined set of rules, and studying myself and expressing myself through music. That’s why this EP is clumsy yet bold, rough yet honest. It also contains my gratitude to the fans who trusted and waited for me.

Were there any memorable episodes, or any memories of hardship or joy while preparing your first EP?

Honestly no moment was easy. But that made me even more determined, so after I did it, it felt vastly more fun and I felt much more proud. I tend to be very harsh on myself, so I remember bawling while recording “Goldfish”, a song that Blah wrote, because the recording wasn’t going as I had thought it would.

You’re broadening your musical spectrum as an artist, going beyond being an idol. Are there any differences in mentality or in life, compared to when you were in a group?

I’ve become more strict and careful towards myself so that I don’t ruin the reputation that the group known as LOONA has built up. Though I’m going solo, I always think that I’m always connected to the members, so I try to do my best at every given moment. But sometimes it gets lonely during lessons or practice because there’s no one to play around with. I think I’ll feel the empty spot where the members used to be more once activities begin.

What is the most Yves-like thing?

Doing what I want to do, never looking back and pushing forwards once I think something is the right thing to do, ultimately pulling through.

At what moments do you think you made the right choice becoming an artist, doing music?

When fans affirm that I can be of consolation and bring happiness, I think I made the right choice doing music.

Your love for your fans seems extraordinary. Is there anything you want to tell your fans?

I’ve never thought that it was extraordinary. It just seems like such a natural emotion. They’ve been by my side for a long time, and have given me so much love that I wonder if I could ever repay it, so I always feel grateful and apologetic. I will be sure to return the favor.

We’ve heard that you want to pursue variety shows too. We’re curious about your future plans.

I’ve thought that I wasn’t a good match for variety, but my members have often said that I’m really funny and that they wish that I would go on variety shows. If the opportunity comes, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wanting to try going on a variety show to show a new side of myself. After changing companies recently, I’ve been taking acting lessons as well, so if given the chance I would like to try acting too. But before anything else, I want to show something awesome through music first.



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