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[Interview] Billboard Brazil Interview with Yves (240626)

Kpop star Yves celebrates having artistic freedom in her solo career

The 27-year-old singer talked to Billboard Brazil about her career

By Isabela Pacilio

At 27, Yves is enjoying artistic freedom in the new phase of her career. The South Korean singer, a former member of the K-pop group LOONA, has released her first solo EP, “LOOP”. The title symbolizes a break from the cycle of patterns she followed before her solo career.

“It’s an opportunity to focus and explore my creative side. With this album, I had the chance to talk about what I wanted to say and the stories I wanted to share,” explains Yves in an interview with Billboard Brazil.

“LOOP” expresses the anguish and frustration we feel when we are trapped in the continuous cycles of life. In “Diorama”, Yves describes the most intimate emotions she feels when confronting her idealized self.

“Afterglow” explores the conflicting feelings of being caught between a new love and a familiar one. The final track, “금붕어 (Goldfish)”, is a message of comfort Yves wishes to send to the fans who have supported her and watched her grow over the years.

“Sometimes I dream about the melody. I wake up, write it down, and get to work. I like to have the base first and then think about the motif,” she says.

“I feel I’m at a stage in my career where I can choose the songs that suit my abilities. The CEO [of the record label Paix Per Mil] gives me a lot of freedom.”

Yves says she puts a lot of pressure on herself to show her best on stage. “The reason I’m hard on myself is because I love myself so much. I know I can always do better, and I maintain a high standard,” she explains.

To find the balance she needs to withstand the internal and industry demands, the singer meditates.

“I light incense or a candle. I put on calmer music. If I have more time, I visit a temple. This helps me to relieve stress and get away from these pressures,” she details.

Growing up in a group

Yves, whose real name is Ha Soo Young, made her K-pop debut in 2016 and was a leader of LOONA. The group broke up last year, and the members split off into solo projects.

“Even if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do anything differently. I truly believe that I made the best decisions and did the best. That’s why I got to where I am and who I am today,” says the singer.

“I learned a lot about how to make decisions, and at the same time, listen to the different opinions of the members. I’m proud of how I grew and how much more determined I am now. With the girls, I learned a lot about love. We learned to accept each other and listen to each other. No one is perfect. We all have flaws, so we learn to work on them and compensate for them, as well as growing together,” she says.

LOONA’s hits include “Hi High”, “PTT”, “Why Not?” and “Butterfly”. The group has accumulated over 880 million views on YouTube. The group was and is one of the most popular among Brazilian fans.

“When I go on Instagram, I always see their messages of love. They’re so passionate! Even when I’m far away, I can feel the affection. I’m so grateful, and I want to visit Brazil one day. Heejin [ex-LOONA and currently in the group ARTMS] knows a lot about Brazilian culture. I was studying some Portuguese expressions with her.”



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