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[Interview] ET News interview with Loossemble (231017)

"Loossemble, 'Five-Colored Allure Beyond the Synchronized Choreo, A Lunar Diary Begun Again'"

By Park Dong-sun, ET News

Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won, and Hyeju, who have reappeared under the new name of “Loossemble”, dream of moving forward anew with global fans, with lively charms that span both on and off the stage.

Recently we met with Loossemble, who have released their first mini album Loossemble, at the CTD E&M office in Seoul’s Gangnam district.

Loossemble is a five-member group composed of Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won, and Hyeju, who represented points such as cute verve, sharp charisma, and understated sexiness within LOONA.

During the interview, alongside a demeanor that spanned seriousness and lightheartedness, Loossemble showed off a new beginning with fans that began with the promotions of their first title track “Sensitive”, and the confidence that comes along with it.

The performance has shifted to a captivating vibe. The background for this?

Hyunjin, Vivi: Firstly, there is the fact that the choreo team has changed (laugh). If the key focus until now was on synchronized dancing as a 12-member group, this time we wanted to show a new feeling and direction debuting as a five-membered group.

The captivating Sensitive and the refreshing, easy-listening Strawberry Soda have contrasting charms. Was there any competition for what song would be the title track?

Hyeju: Actually the contender for that was Real World. Strawberry Soda was a bit too lively to show a performance with a different charm.

Vivi: Sensitive already had the album’s colors and message included, so it seemed that we would be able to show ourselves with a trendy tone through it.

The performance and MV for the title track Sensitive grab attention with members having evolved to a higher level. If each of you were to pick one visual point?

Yeojin: I thought I looked really pretty when I was running with a big smile (laugh)

Hyeju: I thought my vibe in the intro and chorus was very unique (laugh)

Go Won, Hyunjin: The stage is my personal color, no need for words (laugh)

Vivi: The title track and concept were to my preferences and in turn, I think it shows that well.

If you were to match each of Loossemble’s first album’s B-sides to a member that suits it well?

Hyunjin: Hyeju - Sensitive. She goes well with the refined vibe with her sanpaku-eyes.

Vivi: Yeojin - Real World. The song’s energy matches how lively Yeojin is.

Go Won: Vivi - Sensitive. The song goes back and forth between moderate and energetic. I think it goes well with Vivi unnie’s calmness.

Yeojin: Go Won - Newtopia. With her personality of liking songs that make you feel overwhelmed, unnie’s lyrics such as “blocking my view” fit her well.

Hyeju: Hyunjin - Sensitive. Her long arms add to her dancing appeal.

With the oldest and youngest members of LOONA in Loossemble, the performance and harmonies stood out. How is Loossemble with regards to vocals?

Hyunjin: I think the unique voices of Go Won and Hyeju with those of myself, Yeojin, and Vivi present an attractive combination.

Yeojin: I think previous rap members trying new things with high notes or vocal parts presents a different charm.

With the new transition with Loossemble, if you were to pick what you’re in charge of with regards to charms?

Yeojin: Go Won unnie’s the joke-fairy with her way of talking with that hint of silliness (laugh) and Hyeju unnie is principled and has the charm of an unshaking boulder. (laugh)

Vivi: Hyunjin is the 4-D visual. For a month she was really into being Aeongie and would only reply with “aeong”. But now, after becoming the leader, I think she has taken the visual position. (laugh)

Hyunjin: Vivi unnie’s thoughts are deep and she is a great listener to the members. She is the “tree” and “mom”. (laugh)

Go Won: Yeojin is the maknae who’s full of aegyo no matter the location, and Loossemble’s moodmaker. (laugh)

Hyeju: I think I’m in charge of attracting female stans. (laugh)

What has changed as a member of Loossemble?

Hyunjin: I like actively doing things, and as the leader, I like that the members follow along. Just one thing, I’m taken aback when Yeojin teases me about being clumsy. (laugh)

Yeojin: Hyunjin unnie gives good reactions so I do tease her often (laugh). Whether it’s LOONA or Loossemble, all the unnies who took up their responsibilities played along well even when I acted rotten.

Vivi, Go Won: Getting ready and heading home has become faster (laugh). Everyone’s also very considerate about each of our lifestyles so it feels more free.

Hyeju: I’m glad that as Loossemble we’ve released an album and have been able to go on a tour as well.

With Loossemble’s new start, who’s the member with the biggest change?

Hyunjin: Hyeju’s vibe has done a 180 with her tan.

Vivi: Hyunjin was in the maknae line in LOONA 1/3 or even in the full group but now as leader I can see with my eyes that she has developed a sense of responsibility.

Hyeju: It feels like Yeojin is more active when speaking and leading than before.

With the U.S. tour just before the debut, any new attitudes you’ve formed?

Vivi: The response was really great when we showed the performance beforehand through a three-week tour of the U.S. Thanks to that, I gained confidence and was able to be more relaxed for my new first appearance.

Hyunjin: I really couldn't predict the reaction to us showing an unknown song for the first time, but I was moved by the fans singing along and cheering. I still can’t forget the cheers I heard through the in-ears, starting from the opening.

Go Won: The nervousness of the first performance in the U.S. as Loossemble changed to certainty, the moment we saw the fans in person. With the three-week stage, we got more accustomed to the choreography, so it feels much more natural now.

Hyeju: Seeing fans who were on our tour last year come again this year, I felt confident and assured about our music.

Yeojin: People recognized us on the streets while we were on tour so it felt like we were celebrities (laugh). I was able to gain confidence as Loossemble.

Your new start as five - the most impactful message of support that you’ve heard?

Yeojin: "No matter what path you walk, we'll always support you". It made me think that I need to work harder for the fans.

Vivi: Fans that we met through the U.S. tour before the domestic debut gave us a bigger reaction than expected and said, "Thanks for coming together," and that made me happy.

Hyunjin: The members and fans praise me that my “ribs are visible” (laughs). I figured my preparations before the new promotion must be showing well.

Go Won: Yves unnie came to our showcase and said “You guys’ singing was kinda good.” It was a compliment from unnie who worked with us on the B-side track, so I liked that.

Hyeju: I felt the best when fans said “This is the best album released to date”. It felt like a validation of our hard work.

Five years down the road since the full LOONA debut. Do you think you’ve been walking along alright?

Yeojin: Life has many question marks, but I think that if you believe in your path as the right answer, then it’s right. I’ve been walking well every day with that mindset.

Vivi: With lots of happenings and new experiences, I think each of those are times that become good influences. I think that will show through a bit better as Loossemble.

Hyunjin, Go Won: It hasn’t always been good things happening, but we think that became the motivation to help us do something new. I think being able to meet precious members and fans helped us walk well.

Hyeju: I felt myself lacking in many ways after having debuted without any trainee period, but watching myself enjoy the Loossemble debut performance with no regrets, I realized I’ve grown a lot and that I’ve walked well.

Any key points for this round of activities, or your image as Loossemble?

Go Won: Since this is the beginning of a message that each member is a protagonist, I hope you’ll focus on our many individual parts and the members’ charms that show through in them.

Hyeju: Since we’ve started off with a U.S. tour, I’d like to meet even more global fans and express diverse music and concepts. I’d like to be a singer who’s around for a long time through that.



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